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Thank You !! To All the families
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to one of my babies.
Linda Reaves
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From :Ryan M...  <>  

To   Feb 28,2017 at 9:24 AM  We made it back safe and sound to ND late last night. Zumi was such a trooper the whole road trip. I've attached a photo of her first time in the snow.
It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks again for my perfect baby.
From Ryan M...  <>  

To Linda Reaves  Feb 28,2017 at 6:34 PM 
I took Zumi to the vet today and she did great! The vet complimented her on her confidence. I also registered Zumi with the AKC today and with the help of a close breeder friend named her - Bama's Hurricane Creek T'zunami's Perfect Illusion.    

To  Jan 30 at 7:49 PM 
Mrs Reaves,
11 years ago this little girl was born at y'alls kennels.  Lola is still chugging along as perfect as ever.  Best little girl ever.  There will come a day when I will have to come see y'all again but I hope it's no time soon.  Take care,

Duane and Gabriel  (Philadelphia, PA)

From:Marsha C... <>   

To  12/15/16 at 12:25 PM 

Hi Linda - we took Soraya to our vet the morning for her checkup and shots.  She weighs 4 lbs. 9 oz.  He checked her really good and said that from his exam she is in excellent health.  He went on and on about how beautiful she is. Of course we knew that already☺️. Just wanted to give you an update on how she is doing and what a great addition she is to our family. 
Glad you liked the picture.  Hope we aren't bugging you but we are very happy with our girl.
Merry Christmas
Bobby, Marsha and Soraya

From: Marsha C... <>   

To  Jan 7 at 7:10 PM 

Hi Linda - hope all is going well for you and it's not too cold there!  Just wanted to let you know that we took Soraya to our vet Thursday for her 12 week checkup and shots.  She is growing and thriving.  She is gaining weight and weighs 6 lbs 2 oz.  She does love her food. 
The vet says she is very healthy and is doing great.  He also said that "our breeder is raising some good puppies."  Of course we already knew that!  He is impressed with our girl.

Just wanted to keep you up to date and stay in touch.

From:Claire M..... <>   

To  Jan 2 at 4:37 PM 
Hello Linda,
Just wanted to let you now that Remy had a very good 9 week vet check. He is now 6.25 pounds. The vet was very impressed with his health and how beautifully he represents the breed. I hadn't asked you what heartworm medication you normally use. They are recommending Trifexis. Have you had any issues with that one?
Thank you again for allowing Remy to become part of our family.

Talk to you soon,Claire

From:JM B.... <>   

To  12/24/16 at 4:57 PM 
Hi Ms. Linda!
We wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Duke is the perfect addition to our family and has brought us bountiful joy and happiness. He was even in attendance at our Catholic wedding at the church and reception in his dog stroller and slept through the whole thing! He's beautiful and we couldn't have asked for a better Boston. Thank you!!
Eric, Jenna, Yoshi, Spock and Duke G

From:Chantal D... <>   

To Linda Reaves  12/20/16 at 10:16 PM 

Just wanted to let you know that your puppy is the love of our lives. He turned 1 year this month. Originally you named him Albert, then I liked Brody, but ultimately his name became Remy.
He likes to warm up near the fire when he first comes in the's gas and doesn't throw much heat, but it's cute!
Best, Chantal D -      Georgia

From:Kimm M.... <>   

To  12/18/16 at 11:33 AM
Hi Linda.
I hope this email finds you doing well. We wanted to take an opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas.  Charley is doing extremely well, and he continues to be a joy to our family. He is anxiously awaiting Christmas as you can see in the picture. He is very happy we got a Christmas tree. I guess he doesn't remember it from last year, because he seems to think that the tree is just for him lol.  I know this past year has been a difficult one for you. But, I hope that you find yourself surrounded by love ones this holiday. We wish you all the best in the year 2017.    

To  12/16/16 at 11:38 AM 
Dear Linda,
Tracey and I are so sorry to learn of Tommy's passing.
I still remember the day I met you both - when you brought little Sammi into my life.
And I remember the look on his face, and his genuine tears, when he said goodbye to Sammi. Your husband is a wonderful man, and his spirit lives on in all the wonderful pups you have helped to bring into this world.
Sammi turns 11 tomorrow and she (and we) wanted to say THANK YOU, and wish you happy holidays.
Sammi, Taylor, Adam and Tracey

From:Doug B... <>   

To  12/09/16 at 6:30 AM 

Hey Linda, I hope this finds you well. I think Winston is a year old today!  Thought you'd like to see a picture. He's been a great addition to our family and is happy and healthy!
Merry Christmas!

From:Allyson F.... <>   

To  12/08/16 at 12:22 AM 
Hi Linda,
I had been meaning to check in with you and send you photos of June but I just kept forgetting and our photo bank just kept growing :) She is just over 5lbs and we are SO in love with her. She was easily the best purchase I've ever made. This week she mastered "sit" and "dance" and somehow figured out that whatever we are eating is something she needs to have to. She's the cuddliest little baby and sleeps in my lap all day while I work. She's very playful and never meets a stranger who doesn't get tons of kisses and grunts. We are just so happy and she has brought such joy to our lives. Thank you for all you do.

From: Brandi S ...<>   

To Linda Reaves  12/03/16 at 2:50 PM 
Just wanted to thank you for the blessing of having elvin. He is a very smart dog and has became my theapy dog for my seizures. Attach is his theapy Id and some pictures. Today he turned 1.

Brandi S..........

From:Nicole B... <>   

To Linda Reaves  12/03/16 at 7:58 AM 
Hi Linda!
I just wanted to check in and say hello! I hope all is well with you!  A few days ago I turned 5 months old and everyday it seems like I'm learning something new!
Mom has taught me how to play dead, sit, come, and lay down. We are now working on speak. She even gives me treats when I behave like a good girl and I don't go potty in my crate as often any more, although that's still something we are working on.
Mom and Dad caved about a month ago and now I regularly sleep with them in their bed. Boy is it warm and cozy. I like to keep mom's feet warm at night  and I also snuggle up right next to her or Dad and don't move at all. Mom laughs at me though because I do snore pretty loud, even louder than Dad! I'm getting pretty big now and the last time I'm waiting on the scale I was 13 pounds.
Miss you and hope all of the puppies at Bama Creek are going home to lots of loving families!

From:Bill K.... <>   

To Linda Reaves  11/26/16 at 10:16 AM 

Hi Linda, I just wanted to let you know just how much we love Cody. He is a really great pup and he has settled in nicely here. We love everything about him, he is very funny and sweet and lots of fun. As you can see he growing up nicely and even starting to get some muscles chasing us around the house. He loves to run and he's very quick already. He's also very smart as he already knows how to Sit, and Paw and Stay.Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we would like to thank you for breeding such a wonderful little pup.
Thanks,Bill and Family

From:Jarrod H... <>   

To Linda Reaves  10/18/16 at 1:20 PM 
just a quick update on how big our little feller is getting.  he wakes his momma up at 7am, promptly, to go outside then he comes back in and wants his breakfast.  just like a good ole southern boy!  he and ruger have become best pals and they love to play keep away and tug-o-war with all of their toys.  he also really loves the water!  he's a really good little swimmer.  we can't keep him out of the little pool my parents have for the grandkids.  he's a real joy to our family and we love him so much.

I attached a couple of photos I snapped of him earlier today.  he will be 8 months on the 21st.
hope you are doing well.
regards, jarrod & stephanie

From:Karon D.... <>   

To  08/23/16 at 3:07 PM 
Hello Linda
It has been a while since I last wrote you regarding our little girl.  She is doing great, full of energy and doing well.  She has a big crate that she sleeps in at night and goes right into with a treat at bedtime.
But when we are gone out for a few hours she has run of the family room and the kitchen. She is always curled up on the loveseat when we get home.  Doesn't like thunder or rain. But, I don't make a fuss
about that. Just let her set on my lap or she will cruel up on the couch in the front room and stay there until it is over. We always reassure her and tell she it is going to be okay.She is a lot of company and we love her. She has shots coming up this week, figure she weights around 21 - 22 #'s.  Loves back and ear
scratches. Sometimes she wants you to set on the couch with her so she can lay close to you. She is laying here by the desk while I type this
Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.
Ammy says hello to everyone.
Karon, Dan and Ammy

From:$Ena..... <>   

To  08/18/16 at 7:40 PM 

Hi Linda, I just wanted to say hello and send some pictures of Bodee. He is the sweetest boy, everyone just loves him. We've been taking him to the mall every morning to walk, since it's too hot to walk outside. Since he is a therapy dog, he gets to go everywhere we go. Anyway, there is a young girl with cerabal palsy that walks every morning, as well and boy does she light up when she sees him. She can not speak or communicate, but gets the biggest smile on her face. Bodee is so gentle with her and gives her kisses, it brings a tear to my eye, every time. Hope everything is going well for you, we looked at your new puppies and boy are they cute! I wish we could get another one soon, we'll have to wait a bit.
Take care,

From:David M... <>   

To Linda Reaves  08/16/16 at 11:15 AM 

As you can see, Susie is growing everyday.  She and Bella are getting along pretty good.  Bella gets tired of her sometimes and puts her in her place.  We took her back to our vet for the second time last week to get some more shots.  He loves Susie and said he would just take her home with him.  We hope you
are doing okay and getting ready for football.
Take care of yourself and we will keep in touch.
Marsha, David, Bella & Susie
From:David M... <>   
To Linda Reaves  07/07/16 at 9:41 PM 
Linda, I know you are going to think we are acting like new parents but we couldn't believe what happened about 15 minutes ago.  Susie had already eaten her night meal about 2 hours ago and had gone out about 15 minutes after that and done #1 and # 2.  We have one step coming out of our back door to get down to the two steps that go down to our patio and backyard.  Susie has already learned how to get down those steps and into the backyard by herself even though these steps are pretty tall for a small baby.
A few minutes ago Marsha hollered up to me and said, Susie ran over to the back door, jumped up and looked out and whined.  Marsha opened the door and Susie ran down all the steps and right into the backyard where she proceeded to do #1 about 3 times and then did her second #2 after supper.  I had just told her before this that Susie would need to do another #2 before she went to bed later tonight because this seems to be the routine she has gotten into. 
It is hard to believe she has only been here 5 days and already can get to the door and let us know she needs to go outside.  We know there will still be some accidents but we think this is pretty amazing and don't ever remember any of our other babies picking it up this quickly.
You raise some super smart babies and it makes a big difference.  Our daughter and her two dogs are here spending tonight and Susie plays well with her two dogs.  She is learning she cannot nip at them as they are putting her in her place when she goes to far.
Thanks again for such a beautiful and wonderful edition to our family.  We hope we don't bore you to death with updates.  I will try to keep them to a minimum.
Marsha & David
Note : RIP * David......
David passed away on 10/2/16 , Him and his wife Marsha have adopted 3 Bostons from me
over the years...He Loved !! his Bostons and Loved looking at the website at all the new
babies.He also had a Great Love For Alabama SEC Football. 
We kept in touch over the years, and I will miss him Dearly
Saying Prayers for his wife & family.....

From:Maria... <>   

To  08/09/16 at 6:58 PM 
Hello, Linda!
This is the Hollon Family contacting you after many years of wonderful memories with our beautiful, bullmastiff baby boy (well I guess man now hehe). We purchased Nevada from you guys 8 years ago and it has been the best experience of my life. My mom and dad, Tony and Mary, gave me the best early Christmas Present I could've ever asked for. I'm so thankful to you folks for giving us the chance to be blessed by such an angel. He's truly such a gentleman - he loves kids, cuddling, pizza, and McDonald's hamburgers :) My mom and dad told me that you always said that "bullmastiff owners always add ten pounds". I'll promise you one thing, he weighs 170 pounds, I saw the scale. The picture down below might just prove it, haha! I can't even begin to tell you how much of a blast he has been. He truly is a piece of heaven <3
We've been thinking of you and have been meaning to email you for awhile now to give you a progress report after all this time. I thought you deserved to know how the champion was doing and how handsome he turned out to be! Down below is a picture of him lounging on his own couch. We all say hello and wish you both all the best!
Thank you again and hope everything is going great,
Maria Hollon :)

From: mark mc...... <>   

To   Feb 25 at 9:16 AM 

I saw your webpage I'm so sorry for your loss! How are you doing now? This is Mark Mc..... my wife adopted Jasmine "dee" I think almost ten years ago we just celebrated our second sons birthday and she has been so sweet to the boys. I was wondering if you had any pups coming from her lineage I don't remember who her parents. Here are some pictures of her with them over the years.. Jasmines been such a sweetheart to the boys protective of them we've talked about pups maybe another Boston or a Boxer, I love mastiffs but sara says they druel to much but jasmine does all the time!
Thank you, Mark
From : Cheryl P..... <>

To  March 5, 2017 12:20 PM,
I wanted to update you on Opal.  She is turning into to a wonderful, funny, intelligent, bossy dog who runs the house and we love everything about her.  In the past month my step-son who was diagnosed with a progressive form of MS last year has had to move in with us.  From the moment he came in the house he became Opal's buddy.  Our rough housing little girl is so gentle with him. She wasn't afraid of his electric wheelchair and immediately jumped in his lap and now rides around with him everywhere. She brings her tug toy to him but never pulls hard so he can play (his grip in not so good).  I am amazed at her reaction to Mark and her instinctually knowledge that she can't be rough. Opal has brought him so much joy and helps him get through his day.  I wanted to thank you for this wonderful girl and I know much of this comes from the time you spend with your babies and the way you introduced so many new objects (toys) at such and early age she is fearless.

Brenda Mitchell <mitchell@evk.......>   

To Linda Reaves  March 18, 2017 at 9:28 AM 
Hi Linda,
I hope this e-mail finds you well.
I don’t know if you remember all of your bullmastiffs and their owners over the years, but we adopted Star from you 10 years ago, and brought her to Estonia with us.   I am writing to let you know that she went on to heaven yesterday. 
She was the best dog that ever lived - we are heartbroken.  We didn’t have any children - she was our child. 
I wrote a tribute to her on facebook and I wanted to send it to you.  Thank you so much for sharing her with us, so many years ago.  We are forever thankful for her. 
  (( Adopted a Retired /Spayed Adult and a Puppy ))

jhgh@.........  Sept 9 2017 at 10:13 AM

They have done exceptionally well. Bear will do his business with Kricket outside!!  Such sweet babies. Kricket stays in my lap. She hasn't eaten her dog food much. I feel she is just getting adjusted. She took her liver vitamin really well. Linda, I really love her. We are going to be lifetime friends and buddies. I love Bear but Kricket is a little jealous when I love and play with him. John loves them and Bear seems to prefer John. We are finding our way. They seem content and happy. Thank you for letting us get them. They have made our family complete. Take care of yourself and I wanted to tell you how appreciative we are. You are an over the top caretaker of these babies. Wish all pups got this kind of care when they are born. They love the toys and blankets. Again thank you so much. Gwen and John H- Rockmart, GA

  Cecelia <>   

Linda Reaves   Sep 3 at 11:40 AM 

Mia turned 10 years old today. She is the sweetest smartest pup ever. Thanks so much for letting me adopt the this wonderful baby. She has very little grey and seems not to have slowed down.

Kristina S <>   
LINDA REAVES  Sep 19 at 7:37 AM 

Hope you are well. Just thought I'd give you another quick update on Stella. She is doing just wonderfully! She has been sleeping 6 hours straight in her crate at night for at least a week, and she never whines or cries in there. She actually enjoys it. Thank you so much for starting the pups in a crate early on. It has made our lives so much easier right from the beginning! Potty training is coming along, we still have a ways to go, but she will get there:) When we first brought her home, she was nipping quite a bit during play and very mouthy, but that has improved tremendously, and she is really becoming quite gentle even when playing excitedly. She has already learned "sit" command and we start puppy classes next Monday. She LOVES playing outside and especially loves cuddling:-) She plays so well with the kids and we can see she really loves them (just as they love her). She had her second set of shots yesterday and did so well. She was so friendly with all of the Vet staff. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She is the perfect little addition to our family! I've attached some photos of Stella with the kids. Thank you so much for our precious little pup:)
Friday 9- 22-17  / Face Book Post ..
Christina Patricia Tr...... Linda Bailey Reaves, Axel just came from the vets. He weighs 19#, vet said that he's a beautiful Boston, with a great personality, built like a block and not just healthy, but exceptionally healthy. He is dearly loved, a wild man, a snuggle and a sweetheart. His younger brother, Chayce the mini Aussie, run the Indy 500 throughout the house, and love one another. My vet said your are an excellent breeder, and I agree.

Jessica I <>   
LINDA REAVES  Today 11/28/17 at 9:35 AM 

Good Morning Linda,
Thought I would send you a couple photos of our little guy and give you a brief update. He is doing so well! Last vet visit he weighed a whole 7 pounds and the Dr. said he looked very healthy. He is very playful and very loving. We had family in town for Thanksgiving and he was able to meet one of the other family dogs Milo. He did amazing and they played soooo hard together! I am so thankful for the amazing breeder you are. We have been truly blessed having this little one added to our family.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

michelle cr... <>   

To  1/1/2018 at 4:41 PM 
Dear Linda,
Happy New year to you--we are so happy with our baby Bea!  Thank you SO much for bringing such joy back into our lives!  Love to you!  Michelle

Valerie R <>   
Linda Reaves  Mar 3 2018
Hi Linda,
I just wanted to let you know just how much we are enjoying life with Randall.  He's growing so fast and has had excellent visits with our vet.  He's doing really well with our grandchildren and loves his new home here in Nashville.  Jerry walks him 3 times a day and Randall has become a celebrity in our neighborhood.  Everyone just loves him.  He's completely house broken now and has an adorable and playful personality.
Thank you for all you do in breeding healthy and precious puppies.  We are grateful to have him with us!
Best regards,Valerie R

David L J <>   

Linda Reaves  Apr 29 at 1:16 PM 

Hi Linda,
It's hard to believe, but our little man is one year old today. We wanted to share a few photos of his big day.
I can't tell you how much joy and laughter he has brought to our lives this past year. We never knew we could love him this much! What a wonderful companion he has been, and he sure keeps us on our toes. :o)
Hope you and your family are doing well, and have a great summer!
Take care,David and Barbie J

Gayle S <>   
5/13/18 at 4:49 PM 

Just to let you know that Maddie is now a year old (April 24th).  What a wonderful year it has been.  She is so much fun!  She is also a handful!  I love it!  She just passed her third Obedience class.  She is also in an advanced agility class.  She is doing pretty good.  The ribbon on her is from her first Obedience Trial.  This is for Rally Novice.  I am so proud of my "little" girl.  She turned out to be a big girl.  Her last vet appointment she was 19.5 pounds.  Maybe a little fluff on her but most is bone and pure muscle.  I think she is PERFECT!!  At her birthday she got two bags of treats and four new toys. But just to let you know, she is not spoiled! Ha ha.  Talk to you later, just wanted to let you know that this puppy landed in a home full of love and doing well.  Thank you so much for her.
Gayle and Maddie 

Amy T <>   

To Linda Reaves  May 14,2018 at 9:38 AM 
I’ve been meaning to email you to give you an update!  I just wanted you to know that I absolutely love George!  He is perfect and so sweet. He has gotten into a nipping/teething phase, so hopefully that will pass soon (ouch). Haha.  He has been sleeping through the night since day one. He already knows simple tricks like “sit.”  Potty training is still ongoing, but he has had minimal accidents in the house. He loves to get a treat after coming back in from going to the bathroom. I took him to the vet a week ago and he already weighs 6 lbs!!!  He has gotten so big.  I just really love him and wanted to say thank you!

Stacy W <>  Jul 01 at 8:50 AM
Ms. Linda -
I wanted to follow up and tell you that night 1 with Merlin was a success!
Big sis, Morgan, is still a little skeptical of him and his sharp little teeth... but she can’t stand to hear him whimper and immediately goes to soothe him at the slightest squeak!  Merlin only ate and drank a tiny bit last night, but he ate a big breakfast and drank a lot this morning - and maybe took an accidental dip in the water bowl. ��
Merlin is also doing great with house training so far. He hasn’t had any trouble going potty outside when we take him, which has been an unexpected bonus!  I know it will be a process, but I’m surprised at how few accidents he’s had so far.  He’s such a smart puppy, and very eager to please - and loves to follow about 2” behind me.
Thank you for the time and love you put into your babies!  It really shows. ��