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If you have adopted a baby from us feel free to send me a testimonial to be posted on this page.
Thank You !!  to all the families that have opened their home and hearts to one of our babies..... LR

This page was last updated: June 4, 2016

This page was last updated: June 4, 2016

Posted: February 15, 2005 - 7:25 PM / Boston
Linda- the website looks great! John and I really enjoyed the pictures of Judy and Brodie.
Hank looks just like Brodie. We appreciate the love and care you put into what you do.
Posted: June 7, 2005 - 1:14 PM / Boston's
Hello Linda and Tommy! Roscoe and Bear are doing great! They are very happy and active pups and that is because of all of the love that you shared with them! Your kennel is nice and clean and your Bostons are AWESOME!!! We can not wait to visit again! We definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a top-quality Boston or Mastiff. Thank you so much for everything!!!
Amy and Ben Clements
Posted: April 23, 2005 - 9:43 PM / Boston's
Linda has been AWESOME! We are soon to be the proud owners of a beautiful Boston baby girl! Linda has spent her "free" time answering all of our questions anytime of the day and at any hour of the night via email. We would like to thank Linda and say that anyone who is fortunate enough to have one of her babies should consider themselves lucky!
Sincerely. The Sansing Family
Posted: March 27, 2006 - 1:04 AM
Hi Elbow Room Fans! This is the website for Boston terriers I have been telling all of you about. This is where I bought Kay-Dee and Dar-Cee..Ms. Linda is the BEST of the BEST when it comes to breeding and raisng Bostons and Mastiffs! She has so much knowledge about the breeds and they are SO loved and YES!!! SPOILED BEFORE you even get them home! You have all met "The Girls" (Kay-Dee and Dar-Cee), and know they are TOP Quality..Again, Ms. Linda spoiled them FIRST! LOL! "If you ever want a baby, this is the "Go To Lady!" Thank you Ms. Linda for our beautiful Bostons! We all LOVE them so much!
Diane and Danny Sansing
Posted: May 20, 2005 - 6:49 PM / Boston
We just got our baby boston terrier, Allie, today! She is an absolute sweet heart and a very friendly dog. You can tell she was given a lot of love and very well taken care of. Linda was fantastic throughout the whole process. I was nervous at first living so far away, but everything went very smoothly. Linda was always there to answer my questions and send me new pictures of Allie. The flight and pickup were also very easy. We are sooo happy to have Allie now as part of our family. We got a great dog from a great breeder. If you are considering buying a puppy, I would definitely recommend Linda.
Thanks for everything!!!!!
Posted: July 22, 2006 - 4:10 PM / Boston
I highly recommend getting a puppy through Linda. I had done so much research in trying to find a Boston and contacted several people who seemed unreliable and even unresponsive. Linda is always available for questions and conducts her business in a very professional, yet caring manner. My little Boston Terrier, Chili, is beautiful and the star of the town- I can barely make it down the streets of Manhattan without being stopped by fawning fans!
Linda, thanks again for all your help. And thanks to Dana - mommy of Allie and Bam-Bam for recommending Linda highly to me.
Posted: May 21, 2006 - 8:41 AM / Boston
I adopted my Madge from Linda in February. Madge has been the bright light of my life for the last few months!! Thanks Linda! Check out the MadgeCam each day to see what she's up She has so many web fans but none bigger than her mom!
I know it will not be long before I have to get her a brother or sister! Have a great summer!
Posted: August 8, 2006 - 3:30 PM / Boston
We got our Boston, Rascal, about 2 years ago and our whole family is in love!! We had never gotten a smaller dog before and we were a little apprehensive! We picked him out on Linda's website and we have never looked back. He is the sweetest dog ever and I can't imagine not having him!
We have had such a good experience, I have told everyone what agreat breed they are & how great Bama Hurricane Creek is!
Thanks! Breia Loft and family
Posted: August 9, 2006 - 9:14 PM / Bullmastiff
Wow!I have so MANY GREAT THINGS that I could say about Linda Reaves.I bought three bullmastiff puppies from her last year. I am a school teacher and hope to retire in a few years so that I can come home and fullfill my dream of working with animals and breeding beautiful dogs! Because I decided to buy from Linda, my dreams are well on the way! She has become such a great friend and mentor! I aspire to be the professional, yet loving breeder she is. Not only are you getting the best puppy you can find, but she supports you along the way. Believe me, I have probably asked her at least a question every day since I bought my puppies. She is always available and has great advice. Linda, you have been SO GOOD to me. I will never be able to repay the kindness and support you have given me, but I hope to make you proud of me as a breeder! Thanks for ever and ever! I consider you one of my all time closest friends, and the puppies I have bought from you have well exceded my expectations!...
Love, Sheri
Posted: November 14, 2006 - 1:59 PM / Boston
We adopted our lovely little lady Boston, Dixieland Daisy, from Linda, and I wanted to post and let others know about it.
Dixie was well socialized before we even brought her home. She loves people, and loves our other Boston, Fletcher just to pieces!
She's smart as a whip, and one of the most beautiful Bonstons I've seen (not that I'm biased, of course!).
Everything from the beautiful, clean and dog-friendly facilities, to the personalized attention
that Linda provided added up to make this a truely wonderful experience.
I can already tell you that we'll be picking up another Boston or two in the future, and I'll defiantely come back to Linda for our next babies!
Posted: October 22, 2006 - 5:31 AM / Bullmastiff
We just picked up our "Sky" bullie from Linda, it was well worth the trip just to see the facility and the time,
and love that she puts into her puppies, and adult dogs, in both her bostons and bullmastiffs.
Thank you Linda for such a great start in our (now) little Sky.
Posted: November 9, 2006 - 6:02 PM / Bullmastiff
Hi Tierannie Hagen here from the lone star state.How are you?How is every body?Doing good here,
I was hoping you were having another litter soon.I could sure use a male.I cant tell you how happy i am with my puppy.
Posted: December 26, 2006 - 7:26 AM / Boston
After looking for a boston terrier in the paper and through various breeders we happened on Linda's website. How glad I am I found it! We adopted "Booker" formally Dawson on December 17th. My husband and I were so impressed with her facilities and her caring manner with the dogs. We were able to see and touch any or all of her dogs in their kennels. Not once did she say, "Oh no, don't touch that one," even the bull mastiffs were so excited and glad to be loved on by strangers. This said volumes to me as to how Linda handles and raises her dogs. Then when we were introduced to the nursery and saw how the babies were raised we were hooked. Little Booker has made himself at home with us and has won our hearts. He seems so smart and well adjusted - thanks I know to his excellent start with Linda.
Thank you Linda for our sweet baby! Pam, Shelbyville, TN
Posted: January 7, 2007 - 7:46 AM / Boston
Hey Linda and family! This is Jim and Jennifer from Virginia dropping by to see what's new. I see your pups continue to be BEAUTIFUL. Bodie is such an awesome dog! I can't tell you how much he means to our family - the quality breeding and time you spend with each puppy show in him everyday. He is so smart, beautiful and I must say a little HAM! He loves people and makes friends everywhere.
I hope you guys had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! Bodie sends kisses!
Posted: May 15, 2007 - 12:43 AM  / Bullmastiff
Hi Linda and Tommy - Star is doing GREAT! She is the BEST little girl and so loving - what a snuggler! She's very very smart and is already well into her routine. She loves to run and play outside in the yard and her little toy "Fred" (yes, it has a name, too) you sent with her is her best bud. She's already grown SOOOO much - she's too big to fit comfortably across my lap anymore. THANK YOU so much for all the extra time you took and the work that you did to help us get Star over here to Estonia. We would do it all again in a moment - it was well worth it! We absolutely love her!
We'll send more pictures soon! Brenda
Posted: May 16, 2007 - 12:58 PM / Boston
Updated: November 15, 2007 - 7:39 AM
hello linda,i adopted Avery from you in April. She is turning out to be such a wonderful lil being. she is so well behaved and loving. At the shelter that i volunteer at everyone fusses when i don't bring her. I am actually lookin into gettin her pet therapy certified. She hasn't met a stranger yet. Everyone get the same warm loving treatment. A very interesting fact about her is that she LOVES CATS. I take her into the cat room at the shelter and she is out socializer to intoroduce and help cats and kittens with dogs. So far its been a wonderful success and there have been several cats that have been adopted that normally wouldn't have due to the fact that the adopter had a dog. She is such a joy and a clown and is just a lil angel for us up here in ohio.
thanks,amanda mcdaniel
Posted: May 23, 2007 - 1:39 PM / Boston
Hi Ms. Linda, I just wanted you to know that I visit your website often. I like to see the new additions.
Rex is doing wonderful. We started camping last year and he loves it!!!
Love,Leita Redding
Posted: October 6, 2007 - 12:58 PM / Boston
Hi Linda, Its Nicole and Damian.
Midgee and Abbie are doing great! Midgee just celebrated her 2nd birthday last week. I always check your site to see all the new babies.
Sammy is adorable.
Posted: October 18, 2007 - 1:47 PM / Boston
Hi Linda,
I just wanted you to know that Sadie is doing wonderful! She's super smart. She's pretty much mastered the house training thing! She is such a little blessing. I have a few pictures up of her on our website. I love to look at all your new puppies! Sammy is a cutie! I can't wait to see Toree's puppies.
I always thought she was so gorgeous! Talk to you soon!
Ashley Huffman
Posted: July 11, 2007 - 5:02 PM / Boston
Hi Linda, I purchased Chance from you a year ago and he is wonderful dog. He is a big brown and white baby and is a large boston weighing now about 30 lbs. He loves his Boston brother Willard so much - they play all the time. You have a wonderful place and raise exceptional dogs, I would recommend you to anyone. I will post pictures soon, so you can see how big and beautiful Chance has become. Take care, Linda
Jacki Royer, Fort Wayne, IN
Posted: 10-Dec-07
Thanks, Linda!  I just wanted to thank my friend, Linda, for all of the hard work and dedication she has put into me!...
She has been my mentor from the beginning who has become my best buddy!...Thanks for the camera, all the answers to the millions of questions
I have asked, the many acts of kindness you have given me, and best of all-the friendship!...
I am learning from the best!...I will never be able to repay you, but I hope to make you proud of me!...
You are my dearest friend, and I love you bunches (and so does my family (human and canine!)!
Sheri Guy
Posted: December 30, 2007 - 7:41 AM / Boston's
Hi Linda,
Hope all is good,the boys are adjusting well,we
have been take them to pet stores friends and to family's homes. They went for their first long walk yesterday and did very well Bruno
following Capone around. I also started a Blinkz site to keep photos updated.
Talk to you soon.Peter
To: "Linda" <>
Date: Sunday, December 21, 2008, 3:14 PM
From: Peter Cab Subject: Happy Holidays
Hi Linda,Just wanted to wish you and your family Happy Holidays, and hope all is well.
I also attached an updated photo, the boys are doing great, they really like the snow, until they get cold.
Thanks again Peter Priscilla and the boys.
Fri, 15 Feb 2008 21:28:03 -0600 (CST) / Boston
Hi Linda, I pray that this message gets to you and that ya'll are all in good health mentally and physically.  I am writing to you to declare that the most handsome man in Maryland just turned one year old yesterday!.That man, Clyde Cole Currie, is a displaced hurricane living in atornado environment.  Lord have mercy, he is the most physically fitcanine this side of Cackalacky.  I have attached a photo taken on his first birthday.  We made such a fuss about it and he was wondering what  were we carrying on about! I hope all is well with you and yours' and we continue to be one of your brightest beacons of praise.
With All Due Respect,Jim & Debbie  & Clyde-Cole
Thu, 21 Feb 2008 20:03:14 -0800 (PST) / Boston
Linda....Just wanted to touch base with you & let you know that Dottie is such a sweetheart. She has the best personality & has been the best possible addition to our family. We love her so much!!! Thank you so very much for allowing us to have her. Take care,Cindi
Mon, 24 Mar 2008 17:21:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Wilbur / Boston
   Linda,  I just want to thank you for allowing us to adopt Wilbur. He is absolutely precious! He is adjusting really well. He has not whimpered the first time. He did not even whine on our first night at home. He laid right down in his bed and went to sleep. Some time during the night he got up and used his potty pad and went back to bed. He has continued to do so both nights now. The only thing he has really done since his arrival is eat, sleep, play, and snore. He is lying in my lap right now snoring as I type this message. Oh and you were not kidding, he is like porky pig when he eats. We can’t help but laugh while he eats because he smacks, snorts, and puts his paws in his bowl. We just love him so much! Already he is bringing a great deal of joy into our household.  We were so impressed with the time, love, and care you give to all of your animals. I would highly recommend you to anyone that was looking to buy a Boston or Bull Mastiff. We will send you some pictures as soon as we can. We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for allowing us into your facility and especially for trusting us to adopt Wilbur. I can assure you he is already one spoiled puppy.
Take care!  Michelle Davis & family
Tue, 19 Feb 2008 12:16:17 -0800 (PST) / Boston
Linda,Mark and I came down this summer and adopted 'Dee'. Her name is Jasmine and I promised to send pictures which I have not done, and have to apologize for not doing so. Here are a few. She is doing great and is a very playful little girl. Mark asked me to marry him and has moved in so she is a very happy puppy having both of us here all the time. She is spoiled by both grandmas (and us) and is our baby. We love her so much and are grateful we found you and have told a number of people that have considered bostons about you.Again I am sorry I haven't sent any pictures until now.
~Sara from Michigan
Subject: Maddy and Skye  / Boston's
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 02:48:17 +0000
   Everybody who's seen the girls is in love with them!!  They are all we hoped for.  Ethan adores Skye and plays with her constantly.  They are learning.  When they're out of the crate, they remember where the water is.  I think they're beginning to understand the point of going outside and when we put them in the basket next to the bed they settle down and go to sleep.We saw the vet on Tuesday and she said they looked good externally and they had a good bite. We're going back in two weeks for the next appointment, but she says everything looks good, and they're cute to boot! We'll have pictures and hopefully video soon.Bob and Teresa
Posted: December 17, 2007 - 9:35 PM / Boston10-Dec-0701:35 PM
Hey Linda,This is Judy.
We came over this past Sunday 12/09/07 on our way from our Smokey Mountain vacation and picked up Chad, now renamed Charming,
and we wanted you to know that he is a wonderful little boy. He gets along extremely well with a litter I have who are his age and size.
He is also very sweet and loves attention. And not surprisingly enough he loves our puppy/whelping house.
We will have to snap some photos of Charming with his future harem. It's funny to think that he'll be one of our studs one day.:)
Until then we are enjoying training him and more importantly spoiling him.
Thanks again for doing such a wonderful job in raising such a sweet boy. He is as sweet as his rich chocolate coat.~Judy and family:)
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 2008 22:40:32 +0200 / Bullmastiff
   Hi Linda! Oh, I just love your new web page!  All the photos of your puppies  and dogs are just so cute, and we thought you might want an updated picture of your baby in Estonia to add to it. She is peacefully  snoring (quite loudly) at Barry's feet at the moment.We have to tell you, Linda, Star is the BEST dog ever.  For real.   She has the sweetest personality and is so obedient and just loves  people.  She actually has her own visitors.  She has such a quirky  little personality that we just sit and watch her and laugh at her  every day.  Our secretary says that Star is not a dog, she's a member  of our family.  We could not have ASKED for a better dog.  We say  that just about every day, too.She still thinks that every dog out there is her  friend and wants to go meet them all.  She weighed 120 lbs the last  time I took her to the vet (almost a month ago) and it's all I can do  to hold her back when we see other people or dogs while we're out  walking.Anyway, I just wanted to check in with you and tell you how much we  enjoy your new web page
(Barry had a Boston when he was a teenager  and he says yours have nice markings.)
And a big hello from Star! in Estonia Europe Brenda
Wed, 27 Feb 2008 12:06:40 -0800 (PST) / Boston
Hi Linda,
  Just wanted to send you a hello and let you know that we are so very happy with Pearl. She seems to be quite happy and content here too! She's pretty much taken over the house on many different levels! hahaha. But we're working on potty training and it seems to be doing okay. She's smart and learns quickly. I met a man at my grandson's school who saw her and is interested in a puppy too. I'll give him your info and hopefully, he can have a little sweetie too. Here's some pictures of Miss Pearl, one is with my grandson Joey. We got her one of those cat tunnels, what a laugh! We all love her very much. I'll send you pix as she grows.
Take care,Kim
Date: Sat, 08 Mar 2008 00:35:06 +0000 / Boston
   Hi Linda,
Just wanted to let you know that I love the website.  Bought Chili (akaChaney) from you approx 2 years ago and am still delighted. Regards,Lynn
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 14:29:06 +0000  / Boston
   Linda - Well, it has been a week since we picked up our new puppy, Wesley, and I must say that I have NO IDEA how we ever lived without him!  He is absolutely adorable, and has adjusted to his new home very well.  He loves to play, and he keeps us all amused with his antics.  While he likes all of us, he is quite partial to our daughter, Wimberly.  In fact, he has become her shadow; following her around everywhere she goes.  I cannot tell you how much joy he has brought to our family!  He has also been quite a hit with our friends, and everyone wants to visit him. Thank you so much for all that you did to make him such an important member of our family - we LOVE THAT PUPPY!!!!
Becky, Butch, and Wimberly Burch Calhoun, GA
Date: Saturday, May 17, 2008, 6:52 PM / Boston
hi linda we wanted to give you an update on Rowley.  sorry it has been a while.  we put him on the nutro natural choice and it fixed his stomach issues right away.  we also limited his play before and after eating which im sure helped as well.  so now his just the perfect dog.  we knew it was just a matter of finding the right food for him.  i cant tell you how much we love him.  it literally feels like we have a new born and we love it. .  weve already taken him places and socialized him in a bunch of situations and hes doing wonderful.  puppy training started two weeks ago and hes the star of the class.  :).  we are so proud of our little puppers.....  so im going to inclose some pictures for you so you can see how hes grown.  just last week he weighed 11 pounds.  he growing about a pound in a half every two weeks or so.  sorry im kind of going on and on but we are so happy and excited about our baby Rowley.  thank you so much linda for everything and a wonderful puppy.  we will keep you posted here and there.  thanks so much again take care.sincerely jacki bousson and nathan fraser
Bella Marquart Thursday, June 26, 2008 10:19 PM
From: This sender "Emily Marquart"  / Boston
Hey Mrs. Linda! We've been having a lot of fun this summer with Bella who is now a little over a year old.  She loves to play (and eat puppy popsicles on occasion), and now has a baby brother - a Boxer named Buster.  The last picture I sent you of Bella did not represent her personality atall, so here are some recent ones that totally capture our little ball of energy!  =)  Hope all is well with you -Emily and John Marquart
Bella Marquart Thursday, June 26, 2008 10:19 PM
From: This sender "Emily Marquart"  / Boston
Hey Mrs. Linda! We've been having a lot of fun this summer with Bella who is now a little over a year old.  She loves to play (and eat puppy popsicles on occasion), and now has a baby brother - a Boxer named Buster.  The last picture I sent you of Bella did not represent her personality atall, so here are some recent ones that totally capture our little ball of energy!  =)  Hope all is well with you -Emily and John Marquart
Saturday, May 24, 2008 7:34 PM
From:  "Esmeralda / Boston To: "LINDA REAVES"
Hello Linda, Just wanted to give you an update on Bronx (aka - Krisko).  Since the day he arrived at the airport he was a spunky little guy and the center of attention of all the people that saw him there.  Now that he has gotten acquainted to his new home, all he does is eat, play and sleep.  My fiance and I are so happy with him, we couldn't ask for a better dog.  And I can honestly say we owe that to you, for the love and devotion that you show for your babies. From the first day I contacted you till the day he arrived, you made the purchasing a puppy on-line a wonderful experience.  Everyone that meets him falls in love with him, so much so that I have a couple of friends and relatives that say that they might want to get a puppy.  I told them that they can't go wrong if they get a baby from you.  Linda be assure that I will always recommend you to anyone that is interested in getting a Boston terrier.  Words can't express the happiness that you have brought to my home in letting me adopt Bronx from you.  I will send you pictures of him soon.  Best Regards,Emmie
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 6:22 AM / Boston
From:stacy hall To: "LINDA REAVES"
Hey Linda! Just wanted to let you know that Wally, now known as Lou (easy for my 2 yr old niece to say), is doing wonderfully! He is living with my parents, their two boxers and myself. He is starting to run the household! I will try to get some pictures up soon! Everyone/every dog loves him!You have done a great job with him. I can tell that you gave him a lot of love and attention! Thank You,Stacy
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:25 PM
From: "Mary E. McNabb" / Boston Contacts To: "LINDA REAVES"
Hello Mrs. Linda & Mr. Tommy:Hope you both are doing well.  Two weeks ago tonight we brought Jake home!  It seems like he has been with us for a long time.  We are so happy he is in our life- we just wanted to let you know he is doing so good and is so happy and loved and spoiled.  He loved sleeping in our laps until he discovered the loveseat and well, thats his now!  He sleeps through the night and has since the very first night!  He is growing-I wished I had measured him lenght and height when we brought him home because he has grown in 2 weeks.   We are going to do the obedience training when he turns 10 weeks.  I know puppies chew everything and
everybody but this little boy has a very strong will and when he clamps down, he does not let go.  It can be painful, but we know he is just playing and being a puppy.  Do you think the obedience training will break him of the biting and do you have any suggestions you could share with us?  We are so happy with him and just wanted to give you an update! Thanks again!
Mary & Mike
Bristol and Daytona / Boston's
are PERFECTLY PERFECT!!!!!Saturday, November 1, 2008 6:48 PM From: "jramsdellTo: "LINDA REAVES" <>
Hey Linda!!!  We couldn't be happier with our new additions!!!  They have been perfect little angels since leaving your house yesterday!!  Not a sole whimpered on the way home!  We stopped half way home and let them out to potty and stretch their little legs and they went right back to sleep for the remainder of the ride.  Dayna was tickled with Mo Jo!!  He hung right in their with Bristol and Daytona playing!  In fact, he clung to me when I went to give him to Dayna, but quickly warmed up to her!!  I will call her sometime this week to check on him.  Bristol and Daytona slept ALL NIGHT in the playpen we had set up for them.  We put them in there for naptime and they love it!  I was up before them this morning and had their food all ready before getting them up so we were able to take them out to potty, which they did right away, and then they came inside and ate a big breakfast!  They wrestled around for a couple of hours and then were wobbling around so we knew it was naptime.  Cindy went to get the playpen from the bedroom to set up in the livingroom and Daytona couldn't wait--he was quite impatient as a matter of fact--literally lunging from the couch to get to it, but I caught him in the nick of time!!  They do EVERYTHING TOGETHER!!  One cannot be without the other!  We are sooooo happy with them.  They went for their wellness visit to the vet this morning and passed with flying colors which was no surprise.  The doctor was actually very impressed and pleased with how well and healthy they are!  We told her all about you!  Daytona weighed 5 lbs & 14 oz and Bristol weighed 5 lbs.  They were little piggies when it came to dinner last night!  Tonight they actually ate from their own bowl without getting into each other's which made me very happy.  We built a fire last night and have one tonight to take the chill off and they LOVE THE FIREPLACE!!!  They don't try to get in it or anything, but enjoy the heat!!  Didn't mean to talk your ears off...just wnated to let you know how pleased we are and how much we love them.  They've had a few visitors and went to visit my mom and dad today after the vet--they put on quite a show.  My dad calls them his Granddoggies!  They fell in deep love with them too!  Cindy's folks will meet them next Saturday and I know we will have to fight her dad to bring them both home!!  He swears he's keeping them!  We told them they can get one from you so we'll see!!  Thank you soooo much Linda for our bundles of joy!  They wouldn't have had such a great beginning if it weren't for You!! 
Talk to you soon...I hear some wrestling going on in the livingroom that needs my attention!! Jenn    
From: Timothy Mitchell
Subject: Re: Hay-lee / BostonTo: "LINDA REAVES" <>Date: Monday, November 3, 2008, 5:41 PM
Hi Linda I just wanted to let you know that Haylee is doing great, we love her she is the perfect puppy. She is doing very well adjusting to her new family. She loves her couch and only uses her crate when we leave or go to bed. When she wants to sleep she goes to her couch and does just that. She walks on the leash very well. We love her. Hope the weather is warm and nice in AL. Thank you again for a great addition to our family. I will email pictures as she grows.
Nadine Mitchell
From: Timothy MitchellSubject: Haylee / Boston
To: "LINDA REAVES" <>Date: Thursday, December 11, 2008, 6:12 AM
Hi Linda, I hope all is well in AL. Haylee is doing just great. She may be the smartest puppy we have ever had. She already knows how to sit, stay, laydown, speak, it's amazing. She is sweet and still loves kisses more then anything. She loves to take walks into the woods with Sam to the creek pond what ever she's up for it. We love her so much. Thank You, We hope your Thanksgiving and Christmas are great, and we will send along more pictures after Christmas.
Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy.
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 8:30 AM
From: "Ann Elliott"   / Boston
Contacts To: "'LINDA REAVES'"
Hi Linda,I just wanted to say “hi” and to tell you that you have given us so much joy with Twlight! She is the sweetest puppy and she has all of US trained!!!
She is a delight and I just can’t tell you what a great addition she has made to our family.  (Now all we have to do is convince Sally!) Stay Warm!  Ann
From: jill schickling
Subject: Re: Fergie / Boston
Date: Sunday, November 9, 2008, 7:41 AM
hello linda!!!  fergie is incredible!!!!  she is adjusting perfectly and getting along so well with everyone here!  she is the sweetest little girl and so lovable!!!  i just adore her so's unbelievable how bonded we've become in just a few days :)  bucky is taking to her very well but is still a little cautious as he is unsure of all her energy lol!  he just takes two steps back if she goes a little crazy lol! her potty training is going better than expected...she actually goes the whole night without messing in her crate!  we have to pick up her water about an hour before bed though. she walked immediately when i put her on the leash-no fight or confusion-she LOVES our walks!   the neighbors just think she is the best thing since sliced bread and she loves them just as much!  my husband (who was nervous about having the responsibility of a dog) is totally taken by her!  he loves taking her down the street for a walk and playing on the floor with her...he can't believe how easy she is to take care of!  she plays with all her toys and goes in her crate without any fussing...she is such a joy!  my cat loves hanging with her and i expect they will only get closer.  she lets me dress her up in whatever i want and wears her outfits proudly.  she had her first bath here in buffalo yesterday and did very well...a little traumatic i suspect but she handled it very well.  she will be loving her beauty regimin in no time!  she is so smart and so lovable and just loves being held in my arms...not to mention the obvious...ridiculously adorable!!!!  we love her so much and thank you for a wonderful puppy!  i will send pictures soon and more updates as she gets a little older.  jill
From: Michael McKinney Subject: Re: Howie / Boston
To: "LINDA REAVES" <> Date: Sunday, November 16, 2008, 9:31 AM
Hello Linda,It's been a week, so I thought an update was in order. Howie (now Cooper) is terrific. We saw the vet yesterday for a check up and shots.
Everything is fine. He has gained a pound since you last weighed him.We followed all of your suggestions, and Cooper has adjusted fantastically. We could not be more pleased! Laura has taken a bunch of pictures, so we'll be sending you some as he continues to develop.Take care,Cooper and family.....
From: Shepard Partridge Subject: stella / Boston
To: Date: Sunday, November 23, 2008, 7:20 PM
From: thescalfs Subject: RE: Ginger / Boston
To: "'LINDA REAVES'" <>Date: Thursday, November 13, 2008, 2:29 PM
Hey Linda,Ginger is just doing so great.  Before we got her, I was trying to prepare myself for how hard it was going to be, being up a night, the whining, the potty training, etc… But I am just amazed at how easy she has been.  We have only had 2 small pee pee accidents in our kitchen and that is it!  Sometimes, I think she just doesn’t quite get finished before I bring her back in.  She is sleeping all night long with no whining at all.  She loves to give lots and lots of kisses and snuggle up close.  It is wonderful having a pet in the house again.  The kids are loving her so much, and taking very good care of her.  They are really listening and following my instructions (which I am surprised about too!).  I take her to wake up Peyton every morning before school and that makes our day start so much easier!  J  For some reason she enjoys Ginger’s kisses better than mine in the mornings… J LOL.Thanks again!Linda
From: Carolyn Crittenden Subject: Birthday Girl! / Boston
To: "Linda Reaves (Breeder)" <> Date: Thursday, December 4, 2008, 9:50 AM
Hi Linda, You may not remember us.  We adopted Maggie (Reba) from you.  She was born to Levi and Rosie on this day last year.  I just thought you might like to see a picture of her and get a little update.   She is doing great!  She is the life of the party everywhere she is.  She's full of energy and so sweet.  We could not imagine life without her.  She was spayed during the summer but other than that, no major medical issues.  She loves to play and run around.  And her being spayed did not slow her down one bit!  Our friends joke that she is your best friend whether you want her to be or not.  She greets everybody she sees with tons of kisses.   How are Levi and Rosie doing? We hope everyone there is doing well and we cannot thank you enough for Maggie.  She has brought so much joy to our lives. Carolyn
             From: "krpowell --Boston 
Saturday, April 4, 2009 To: "LINDA REAVES"
Hey Linda,Briscoe is approaching his second birthday next month (5/4) and I wanted to send you a picture of my BIG BOY!!! I appreciate yall so much for blessing
me with this little angel. Please use me as a reference or let me know if I can ever do anything for yall! Thanks so much!--Karlie Powell
From: Lauren King" Friday, March 13, 2009 --- Boston To: "LINDA REAVES"
Hi Linda! Penny's 2nd birthday was last month and I thought about you.  Penny was born 2/20/2007. Her parents are Suzee and Woody.  She is THE love of my life and I am absolutely obsessed with her.  She gets compliments all the time on how cute she is.  I just love her to pieces and I wanted to thank you for having such a wonderful place for my baby and everyone else's babies to start their lives.  I hopefully will be getting another boston in the future :) 
Thanks~Lauren King from Atlanta, Georgia
Oh and if anyone ever mentions adopting a Boston or a Bull Mastiff I always refer them to you! 
From: Christine Lee Subject: Piggy / Boston To: "LINDA REAVES" <> Date: Thursday, December 11, 2008, 5:39 AM
Hi linda. I was visiting your website and would like to send you an updated pic of me and piggy. We are so happy to have her. She has brought a lot of joy to
our lives. The potty training is a pain sometimes but all well worth it. I took her to the vet 2 weeks ago and she's doing great. She has another apptcoming up soon. The vet said that she has an under bite so I brush her teeth daily. She sure loves to sleep! She fits right in!  We are definitely thinking of more in the future!
From: Toni Jackson Subject: Sam / Boston
To: Date: Thursday, December 25, 2008, 10:34 PM
Merry Christmas Linda and Tommy! Just wanted to update you on Sam.We call him Mick......His full name is Mick Jagger. He has adjusted so well and has been the best dog since day one. He has become a super star, quickly learning to sit, wait, and fetch. His favorite game is football and he loves to hear me yell touchdown when he brings the football back to me, Mick has brought so much joy and love to our family. He takes turns giving everybody love. We were so lucky to have found you. I know your early socialization and great care helped him develop into such a well rounded pup. Oh yes, he still loves  having yogurt every night. Thanks again and I will keep you posted on Mick's progress. Toni and Darryl Jackson Bailey Mississippi
SusieFriday, June 19, 2009 4:46 PM----Boston From: "David Moore"
Good news.  We took Susie to our vet today for her shots and check up.  We have been using him for 16 years and he has 37 years experience. He bragged over and over again how great looking a puppy Susie was.  You can really be proud of the type of dogs you are raising. She weighed 7# and he said she was doing great.  He said she had great bone structure and markings. We couldn't say enough to him about how you raise your babies and how you take care of them. We will try and send you some more pictures when I make some.  I am going to get out the movie camera this weekend and start filming her as she grows up.  She really loves playing with our daughter's Westie who is about 1 1/2 years old. We are amazed how she mixes it up with him.  I knew Boston's were feisty but had now idea they were that much.  She gives as much as she takes.   Take care and we will talk to year later.Sincerely,Marsha & David Moore
Maggie Mae ( Boston ) Wed, February 3, 2010 9:16:49 PM To: 
  Linda,It' s hard to believe but Maggie is almost 5 months and she will be spayed this weekend. She is a very muscualr 10 pounds and beautiful. I sent some pics just so you can see how gorgeous she turned out to be. You should be very proud of your kennel and Boston breeding. Maggie has really turned out to be a terrific addition to our family and she has the best little personality. Maggie graduated puppy training tonight and her trainer was really impressed at how well she did learning commands. In her 12 years of training she said most Bostons did not learn very well due to lack of focus and hyperactivity but Maggie did very well. Dustin and I wanted to get her a brother. I want another Boston, Dustin wants a Mastiff and Nannie (her doggie sitter) says she will resign if we get her either. I think Maggie keeps her busy and very happy! So, we still have some work to do on Nannie before we can think about another one. I hope all is well in AL. Talk to you soon!
From: Michelle Davis Subject: Wilbur & Nala / Boston's
To: Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2009, 10:01 PM
Hi. I hope all is well with you and your family. It has been quite some time since I e-mailed you...As a matter of fact I don't think I have chatted with you since we picked Nala up in October 2008. Let me tell you, our lives changed drastically from the day of her arrival. She is boss of this house now. She keeps Wilbur in line. LOL!! You were right; they are the best of friends. She is finally catching up with him in size. He only outweighs her by about 6 lbs. now.
Anyways, I think of you often and think to myself how I need to give you an up-date and pictures. So, here I am finally taking the time to do just that. Both of them are doing great. They are very spoiled. We just got back from our family vacation a couple of weeks ago. And yes, when I say family that includes the Boston Terriers. We took our 4 kids plus the two of them to Destin for a week. They did fantastic! We took one day of our vacation and drove 3 hours to a pet friendly beach, which is located at Cape San Blas just to see if they would like the water. Well, Nala did...She just jumped in the waves and laid down like "Aaahhh this is heaven". Wilbur on the other hand, was not as impressed with the waves. He was ready to get back to the comforts of the van and the air conditioner. LOL
I just cannot express how much we love our babies. They are such a huge part of this family. I am so glad that we found you, and very glad that we made the decision to get Nala. They bring so much joy to our family. Wilbur is a mommy's boy, but he loves everyone. Nala, she is just a happy dog who will love anyone who will hold her. She still has a lot of puppy energy and Wilbur seems to settle down more and more these days. Attached are some misc. pictures as well as some vacations pictures of the two of them. Just thought you might like to see how these 2 very spoiled boston terriers are doing!!! Hope you enjoy...Take care,  Michelle Davis & family 
Julissa & Joe Rivera Saturday, 3/13/10, 4:22 PM (( Bullmastiff ))
  Hey guys, two years ago we bought a female puppy from you. We called her Delilah. I, Joe wrote you a few time about how I was concerned that She was not big enough after a year. People many time confused her for a boxer. But I believe that too many people complain when they think things are going wrong, but they never write to comment on the good things. Well, We couldn't be happier with Delilah. When I first gave her a shower (we have hot & cold water coming out of our hose outside the garage), naturally, she tried running away, but then she chilled and allowed me to bathe her. There was no growling or aggressive behavior. That's when I realized she had a great disposition. Since my correspondence to you she has filled out and believe me, nobody mistakes her for a boxer. She looks like a bull mastiff 100%
And damm, she's muscular! She's the friendliest dog in the dog park and of course no dog messes with her. Her personality/composure is so sweet - she just wants to please. Guys, I've had big dogs before and there was usually aggression issues, but with Delilah, we can reach into her food bowl WHILE SHE'S EATING
and not a squeak from her. She is just so awsome Thank you for your breeding program - you are producing some beautiful, dogs with great temperaments
and believe me when they are that size, temperament is a huge issue. Thanks again, Joe, Julissa & Delilah p.s. we will be sending you pics of her   From: New York
From: "Maria Urso" -- BostonTo: "Linda Reaves" < 4/25/09
  On April 24 th ,2009  Tia earned her 3rd leg in Rally and attained her Rally Novice title.  and the BIGGER news, today Tia earned her 3rd leg for her Companion Dog (CD) title with a score of 191-1/2 and won 1ST PLACE.  She won a beautiful soft throw with dog bones and pawprints and a nice plush tug toy.  I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of her.  Even the Judge said what a wonderful "working" dog she is.  I got so many compliments on her from those her watched her work in the ring.  Tia is now Prinja's Black Diamond Tiara, CD, RN. of Bama's Hurricane Creek Kennel
Then on Saturday, April 25th, 2009 in Montgomery again under Judge Carol Mett, Tia scored a 195 in Novice B and took 1st Place again and the High Scoring Non-Sporting Obedience Award.Thanks to Linda and her wonderful, wonderful patience, understanding and love!!!!
Re: Bam-Bam (Boston Terrier ) Sun, April 4, 2010 9:50:32 PMFrom: vanessa veltri  To: LINDA REAVES <> 
Hi Linda, Bam Bam has been an absolute pleasure! He is such a sweet little loving! Everyone he meets falls in love with him! He has been eating his Puppy Chow regularly, drinking regularly, pooping, peeing, playing, and all that good stuff. He goes to sleep in his crate every night without a fuss, and takes naps in his doggie bed when he's not in the crate. We gave him lots of love as soon as he got off the plane, and the rest is history! I took him to the vet and they said he looks nice and healthy.
They weren't ready to give him his next shots yet...going back in a couple of weeks for that. Thanks for giving us such a little love! We are so happy! Vanessa and Brett
Puppy update / Bullmastiff Thu, February 25, 2010 8:46:47 PMFrom: wade nations  To: LINDA REAVES <> 
I adopted a family member from yall in 2007.  His name was Dexter but we know him as Diesel.  He is the best dog ever.  Everyone loves his good nature and his gentle personality. His Dad is Moose. They look like twins. I'll send you some pictures soon. Thanks so much for the wonderful four legged child. Wade Nations Vidor, Tx
Thursday, July 16, 2009 8:28 PM Jessy & Jake / Boston's
From: "Mary McNabb" To:
Hello Mrs. Linda and Mr. Tommy:
We have been trying to email you for awhile but with 2 babies now ........... things are a little different!  We wanted to let you know how both babies are doing!  As you told us when we were deciding on getting another puppy, they love each other and want to be together all the time!  They play non-stop and Jessy gives Jake everything she's got!  We just got back from her vet visit and she has received "excellent health" each time we have taken her for her shots!  That is thanks to you and the great care you give your babies.  AND she's 6 pounds!  She wasn't quite 3 pounds when we picked her up on May 30.  Jake is at about 21 pounds.  Can you believe he will be a year old next month?  Jessy stands up to him like she is as big as he is!  They are a treat-the best breed-we could not be happier!  I can't tell you how many strangers tell me when they see her "I want to take her home with me".  I didn't think I would ever make it out of Petsmart this evening-I finally gave this woman your information and told her it is worth the trip to Alabama to get one of your puppies!  (she had a year old boston and wanted another one).I've attached a couple of photos-look at Jessy's ears standing straight up!  We'll send more as we go along.  Just wanted to touch base with you and thank you again and again!  How are Ko-dee and Nikki doing with their new families?  I have always wondered if the adult dogs adjust easier than the pups with their new families/homes.  Your web site looks great with all the new information/pictures.  I still look at it daily!Take care and we will send more photo's! Mary & Michael McNabb Fayetteville, Georgia
Bostons-Jake & Jessy (Fayetteville, Ga.) Mon, April 5, 2010 9:11:00 AMFrom: M E MCNABB To: 
Hello Ms. Linda and Mr. Tommy: Hope all is well there!  How is grandbaby Jett?  Bet he has grown!  Thought we would send you a quick note to let you know how our babies are doing!Jessy ("Sami"-Sayrah/Kodee's litter, 4/5/2009) turns 1 today!!!!!!!!!  She is precious and the sweetest little girl!  She is right under 12 pounds! 
Jake ("Sambo"-Saydee/Levi's litter, 8/25/2008) is a big boy at a little over 25 pounds.  Both are doing great and just love each other!  Can't begin to tell you how much we love these two and how happy we are that we have them both!  Michael and I still visit your website EVERY day! and have to talk each other out of coming for a 3rd baby!!!!!!!!!  Thats how wonderful this breed is to us!  Thank you so much!Just wanted to send an update! Take care!Mary & Michael McNabbFayetteville, Georgia
Rachel Friday, 3/5/10, 1:19 PM  (( Boston Terrier ))
  Hi there Linda! It has already been almost 2 years since we got Lexie (aka Wynita) from you. I must say she is quite the little diva and my family just loves her to pieces!
She has brought such excitement to our family since her arrival. We wanted to thank you so much for everything  and for blessing us with such a sweet Boston! I hope all is going well for you and your husband and wish you well for 2010!  Take care, Rachel
Re: Lamar ~ Boston Terrier Wed, March 31, 2010 9:57:20 PMFrom: Bradyv  To: LINDA REAVES <
Just wanted to let you know Roper, as we are calling him, didn't need 7-10 days to adjust.  He was adjusted in about 5 min. after he got home.  He slept through the night with no whining or anything.  You did such a great job socializing him, he is so loving and trusting.  Just acts like he has always lived here. Just wanted to let you know how much we love him already and how well he is doing.Thanks again,Melissa
Re: Leda / Vet Check Wed, April 7, 2010 1:50:00 PM To: LINDA REAVES <> 
Hi Linda,Just an update about Chloe.  She is doing great.  She is so sweet.  Her new best friend is Izzy (that's her in the pictures).  They sleep and play together all day.  We're very happy with our new girl.  She surpassed all our expectations.  Thanks again, and enjoy the pictures! Kerri Gudeman
Tue, June 15, 2010 1:44:06 PM * BullmastiffSusan Kampbell <>  To:
Taylor came to our kennels from Bama Hurricane Kennels and has been a pure joy.  We originally purchased her to be a companion for Mocha who was a puppy from our Vladimer and Gracie.  When Mocha left our kennels to travel abroad with her new owner (a military canine instructor), Taylor adjusted very easily in joining the older dogs in our kennels. She enjoyed being with them and taking weekly rides in our truck when we would take them out to socialize.  As the months past by, she started to develop into a great looking dog with great conformation to the bullmastiff breed.   We decided to try her out in the show ring.  After a few private conformation lessons and some work on my part, we entered her into the Grey Tennessee show. It was here she won both best female brindle and best puppy.   A few weeks later she was entered at Asheville where she took first in best brindle female.   Taylor is continuing to work hard on her show ring presence and is looking forward to competing again in Greenville the end of July and in Knoxville in November.   Thanks so much to Linda Reaves because without her great breeding program we would not have such a gorgeous and well tempered gal!!!   Sue Campbell,  Sevierville Tennessee
Tue, April 13, 2010 1:27:45 PMRe: Huey Boomer Davis (( Boston Terrier )) From: Marcie Davis To: LINDA REAVES <>
Linda,Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I love Mr. Boomer so much.  My mother in law wants me to give him to her but that ante happening!!  I will share but she can't keep him.  He's MINE...all MINE!  Connor can have the cat and bunny! NOT!!  They are my buddies too and Boomer gets along so well with them.  He jumps towards the bunny but the bunny is in a locked cage in the house so he can't get to him and the cat just looks at Boomer and Boomer jumps but won't touch the's so funny to watch them (lol).  Take care and I hope the best for you and your family of pets, if you ever, ever need a reference, which from the looks of it on your website you don't, I would be more than happy to give one!  The last kennel we got our Boston Terrier from wasn't near as nice as what you have going on and I don't think the dogs where as good as a breed.  Boomer walks like a Tennessee Walker horse! God Bless,  Marcie
Ruben&Esmeralda Garcia Sunday, ----- Boston  4/11/10, 9:45 AM
  A big hello to Linda and Tommy from the great state of Tx.Just touching base with you with the latest on our boy Shiloh(Takoda). We picked him up in San Antonio and brought him back to Corpus that same evening.He is everything and more that we were looking for.Shiloh has really brought alot of joy and happiness to the both of us.He will be five months on April 29th.This guy is going to be a big boy.He already weighs 17 lbs. and growing fast. Linda,both of us would like to thank you for your patience and all you did for us.Your honesty and professionalism sure goes a long way.Thanks again and may God bless............

Tue, June 15, 2010 10:30:36 AM *Boston Terrier -- Nate Graham To: LINDA REAVES <>
Dear Linda, We gave Oscar his first bath yesterday,  he went straight to sleep afterwords while I held him and dried him off.Yesterday we also took him to Petsmart to get some toys, then we took him to a pizzaria with a patio so he could be with us. Everyone at Slices loved him and everywhere he goes he gets a lot of attention. We are going to buy him a little pool today so he can cool off when he's outside.I can't even begin to describe how much I love that little guy, thank you so much for taking such good care of him and raising such a sweet loveable pup. We'll send you some pictures of him soon so you can see all of the fun he's having.
Again, I just want to say thank you so much. None of this would have been possible without you. Take care.
From: Cindy Kitt / Bullmastiff To: Sent: Mon, August 16, 2010 9:09:25 PM Subject: Trinity
HI Linda, well we got home Sunday morning around 7:00 and Trinity was great. We stopped a few time's at truck stops took her out
got her some water and food then she slept most of the way. I took her to the vet today and he loved her said she is healthy and was well taken care of.  Doc. said he liked her personality and I replied "Well Linda is the reason she has a personality, she loves them and spends time with them to insure the have a good start."
Just wanted to let you know we are very happy with our girl. GenEva and Phoenix are great with her they play together well. It was so nice to meet you and see your place, it is as nice as the pictures of it and it was so nice to see how well your dogs all looked. It is far and few in between that you find a breeder that breeds love into there dogs so on that note Thank you for making our trip worth while.Hugs, Cindy
Thu, August 26, 2010 7:56:30 AM From: Jennifer Ramsdell  *2 Boston Terriers To: "" <> 
Hey Linda!Just wanted to say good morning!  Today is Bristol and Daytona's birthday!  They are 2 and far from terrible.  They are still perfect little angels and it's because of the love and nurturing they received from you when they graced this world!  All your diligence and knowledge made for the wonderful beginning
that has made them the angels they are!  Thank you!  Jennifer
Tue, April 26, 2011 6:55:38 AMFw: Dunley pictures From: Don Nancy / Boston Terrier To: LINDA REAVES <> 
Hi Linda: Dunley is now home in Canada :) He is very happy and very loved!! He has met some relatives and neighbors and goes outdoors often. He sleeps all night in his kennel and lets us know when he needs to go outside!! We are having a great time with him. Thank you Linda!!! Don and Nancy Lafleur
From: betsy robins *Bullmastiff To: LINDA REAVES <> Sent: Monday, July 18, 2011 9:19 AM Subject: Well...........
You failed to mention that this puppy is a freak in genius!  3 rainy days and she already understands going outside to potty AND how to shake hands for a tidbit of cheese.  A scholar I tell you.Researched names again yesterday and learned Sophie means the personification of wisdom.............need I say more? 
She's finally landed a name that suits her brilliance.  Sophie it is! Linda, she is just adorable and Paige is beginning to accept her more and more.
Sat, July 2, 2011 4:25:54 PMBest wishes From: "Carson, Charles A."Boston Terrier To: "" <> 
Hello Linda and Tommy, You have the best Boston Terrier kennel in America. Your(our) boys are now just one year old and they go where we go.   Only you two could have presented us with such great Bostons. All our best regards.  Andy and Gail PS: Can you tell us where you got the braided cloth pull-toy that you gave us?
Sun, July 3, 2011 7:46:19 PMRE: Best wishes From: "Carson, Charles A. To: LINDA REAVES <> 
Hi Linda and Tommy, Many thanks for your reply. Yes, your boys are the "best of the best" and we say this from experience because we really don't remember life without Bostons. I have had Bostons for about 60 years and Gail and I have been married 49 years and have always had at least one Boston in our home. We can not thank you enough for your Hurricane Creek Kennel. Nobody else has the blood lines that you do and raises such loving pups.  Andy and Gail

Pamela O'Neal  / Bullmastiff To: LINDA REAVES < Wed, August 18, 2010 7:57:31 AM
Zippy and Scrappy are like two peas in a pod. They sleep beside each other all the time. Scrappy (tabby) chews on Zippy's ears and keeps them wet.Zippy is our runt at 122lbs and Scrappy is 135 lbs now and is taller than Zippy. We love our dogs and so does everyone who comes over to visit. I would be heartbroken if they ever got out of their invisible fence. Thanks so much for thinking about us and the dogs. I don't know of anyone else in the area that has bullmastiffs.It was so good hearing from you. I am always glad to give a reference for you if a buyer ever wants to talk to someone who has purchaseda couple of your dogs. Scrappy is a gorgeous little girl. Her and Zippy both have such sweet personalities. You do an excellent job in handling and breeding!Take care.

From: Natalie Baker *Boston Terrier / Jackson To: "" <> Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 4:16 PM
Subject: Jackson update
Hi Linda, Jackson celebrated his first birthday last month and a year of having him in our lives. He is 100% a momma's boy and he's my little angel. He's been such an obedient boy even as a new pup. He is so easy to train (we taught him the bell!) and he is so loving to every guest. I just wanted to drop a line to say thanks. Jackson is such a huge part of our lives and I don't know what I would do without him.We may get more babies in the future. For now we are giving little Jackson all of our love and always give your name when we meet someone looking for a puppy. Thanks again for all you do. Blessings,Natalie Baker, Matt Tuttle and Jackson Riley Baker- Tuttle
From: BARRY NORRIS / Boston Terrier To: LINDA REAVES Sent: Wednesday, October 5, 2011 1:16 PM Subject: Josie
Just a few pics of Josie and to let u know she is the sweetest dog ever! LOVES people and especially kids. We couldnt be happier with our choice of Bama's Hurricane Creek. We are talking about adding another Boston maybe next year. Just see how it goes. Barry and Susan
.FROM:Nancy Strong * Boston Terrier Monday, July 25, 2011 3:57 PM
Hi Gram-ma, Momma said I could tell you about my trip today. I got to see my new Dr. and he was really nice.  He said that I am perfect and a very pretty girl and that you took really good care of me, tee hee. I already knew that since my  mom and dad have been telling me how pretty I am and how smart also.  I already know my way around the house, know where my food bowl is and know how to get out the door of the screened in patio to the fenced yard.  I really love to snuggle and everyone wants to hold me, then I get down and play with my big sister, Molly.  She likes me and watches to see where I am, so I guess she is glad I'm here now.
Have to go take a nap now, it has been a busy day, love u gram-ma and I will write to you again soon. Kisses, Zoey

Tue, April 12, 2011 9:37:29 AMGracie From: Lynda Jordan / Boston Terrier To: LINDA REAVES <> 
Hi G'ma Reaves:  A little update on me.   I had a great checkup yesterday, had my shot – didn’t even cry.  My vet said that I was “PERFECT.   I am now 6.7 lbs – now I am a bigger chunk but my vet said it is okay.  I like to sleep in my crate at night.   I am very smart, maybe a little too smart.... I know how to push my mama’s buttons.  I do have a little bit of a problem with biting and pulling on pant legs and leash but mama’s working on that with me.  Mama tried putting that yukky tasting stuff on the leash and her pant legs but it works better on the furniture to keep me from chewing.   Mama made up a new batch of pumpkin/yogurt.  As soon as she opened the can of pumpkin, I knew a treat was coming.  Hope you are well.   Thanks again for taking such good care of me when I was born. Luv ya,Gracie
Sat, May 28, 2011 8:59:27 PM Gracie From: Lynda Jordan * Boston Terrier To: LINDA REAVES <> 
  Hi G’ma Reaves, I can’t believe that I am four months old.  I graduated from puppy school on Thursday.   I was the best in the class.  I kept losing my cap so my mama had to hold it on.  I ‘m being real good.   I don’t bite my mama any more except if its by accident when we are playing.  I’m sending some pictures to let you know what I look like – in case you forgot.    My Aunt Melanie bought me a new harness – I love it. Kisses & Kisses Gracie
FROM:Lynda Jordan *Boston Terrier / Gracie TO:LINDA REAVES Friday, July 22, 2011 8:06 PM
Hi G’Ma Reeves: I can’t believe that I will be six months on the 28th.  On the 29th I am having surgery so that I don’t have any puppies.  I really don’t even know the difference between boy dogs and girl dogs but my mama said I have to do it.   Boy, it’s been HOT here – you know I love the sun but my mama will only let me be in the sun for a few minutes.  I think I got bit by something (not sure if it was mosquito, chigger...) on the top of my neck.   My mama gives me medicine for it.  Hope it gets better soon so I can go and play with the puppies.   Attached are some new pictures of me.   Don’t you think I’m kinda cute????Guess what – when I need to go out, I just bring my mama the leash. My dad and I just got finished playing ball down the basement.   I’m kinda tired now, so I got to go and lay on the couch with my mama.   
Lots of licks and kisses,  Luv,   GRACIE
From: Sherri Brett " Boston "To: LINDA REAVES Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2011 4:17 PM Subject: Testimonial
I got a little girl, Skye, out of Linda's Delta x Levi August 2011 litter and couldn't be more happy with her.  I met Linda (and Tommy) at the Ky/TN border to get her and am so pleased.  She is everything Linda said she was and all the pictures/videos showed, plus more. She has an awesome personality, is very smart and absolutely beautiful.  Skye is doing super on house training even the first week.  She is highly socialized and use to other dogs and home life.  Being a breeder myself, I realize the dedication it takes to have a puppy this use socialized.  I want to thank you, Linda, for doing all you did to make Skye such a wonderful baby girl!! 
Sherri Brett of Painted Bostons, Indiana

Lara Barnhouse   TO:LINDA REAVES   Wednesday, February 8, 2012 4:45 PM 
Hi Linda,I wanted to touch base with you. I hope that you and your husband had a nice trip home. I wanted to thank you again for meeting us. Max is the sweetest thing ever. He is doing great, and the kids love him. They argue over who is going to be the one to hold him. He loves to snuggle and is doing good with Allie our boxer. I think that they are going to be good friends. He is also doing great with the potty. He is starting to whine when he has to go outside. He even does great at night- he sleeps w/us and wakes me up once in the middle of the night to go outside. We go next week to get our next set of shots, and I will send you updated pictures then as well.
You have done an amazing job with him. You can tell that he was loved. He will be spoiled and he fits right in.
Thank you again for all that you have done. Max has been a blessing to our family in more ways than one. Lara
Irene Griffin Monday, 10/8/12, 11:42 PM " Boston "
  I just recently purchased 10/2012 my little man he is just adorable, and Linda was so patient, nice and very professional she didnt mind educating me or answering questions on my Boston Terrier puppy, Dyce is everything she said and more,Thank You so much Linda you Rock!!!  From: Rochester, New York
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Saturday, October 27, 2012 11:17 AM FROM: Irene Griffin
Hi, Mrs Linda  I'm just sending some love from Dyce from Rochester Ny, we are just updating you on his progress he's doing we'll  loves to drive in the car with me he is extremely spoiled, his vet exam went well everyone wanted to hold and pet Dyce he lives for attention, he loves the pet store, he is very picky on foods, he prefer to stick with his food and yogurt don't care to much for different treats, he likes what he like and that's it. He is very greedy, when his bowl is empty he throws it!!!
Everyone here gets a kick out of that lol!! Once again thank you for such a wonderful Lil baby he is simply all personality. 
Take care Irene
Re: Gracie " Boston "FROM:Natalie Lovitt TO:LINDA REAVES Friday, September 16, 2011 9:12 PM
Hi Linda,Gracie is doing GREAT!! She is a happy spunky gal!JUST LOVE THAT FACE!Your pups are not only Beautiful but have great personalities..
Gracie is so beautiful. Otto and her are best buddies!She is doing great at potty training.Super smart pup! THANK you SOO much for this little girl!!! Natalie Lovitt

FROM:Cyndy Uncapher  Monday, January 9, 2012 9:11 AM
Linda Wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we are enjoying sweet Dollie  She and our alpha beagle are now "best friends"! She loves children and all dogs, especially the big ones She is doing pretty well with house training and already knows how to sit She got her next set of puppy shots last week and the vet said she looked amazing. I'm going to send a picture so you can see how she has grown. When she came home with us Dec 10 she weighed right at 3 pounds. Now she weighs 4.75 pounds!! She has such a sweet personality; everyone in the family loves her.  Thanks Linda!!
David & Marsha Moore --- Bostons Saturday, 8/4/12, 9:19 AM
  We have bought 2 Bostons from Linda and Tommy, one in 2009, and the other in 2010.  We can tell anyone who is thinking about buying a Boston, Linda is the BEST out there.  She treats her babies wonderful and they turn out to be great dogs. She has the best web site on the internet, anywhere, that is selling Boston Terriers.
You will be so glad when you buy one of her babies. My wife and I hope when we both retire, maybe in 3 years, we can get2-3 more Boston babies from Linda. We would not mind having 4 or 5 total. They are a great breed and I had my first one 55 years ago as a little boy. I still remember the great times I had with her until this day. They are one of the smartest dogs I have ever been around and learn quickly. Start them out right with a good diet and be careful as they love to eat everything they are not supposed to eat and tend to gain weight easily as they get older. It is much easier to keep it off them starting early than trying to get it off later in life.
They are just like humans in this way. We are dealing with that problem now with one of out two. We have started early enough so we know we can conquer this problem and our oldest little girl will better soon. We will never be able to thank Linda enough. Marsha & David Moore
Cole DOB 9-9-09  " Boston Terrier " FROM:Ashe Tuck  Sunday, September 9, 2012 5:43 PM
Linda,  Cole, Katie, Lola, Maximus (the cat) and I thought we would send you a note for Cole's birthday, he's 3 today! This dog is amazing. Cole is a fantastic young man; he's loyal, charming and incredibly loving despite how many times the cat beats him up.Everywhere we take him, people stop us and ask about his breeder and they always tell us he's beautiful and has an amazing physique.  I've attached a photo we took at his birthday park party (and a baby photo from you). We took Cole, Lola and their friend Nellie to the steeple chase park here in Nashville (oh yea, we moved in the spring). The dogs played, jumped horse jumps and we had a little wine.  Katie and I can't say enough about how much we love Cole and how well he fits in the family. In the winter, I lost my best friend and cat, Memphis and let me tell you who didn't leave my side, Cole. He was right there and we did everything together because he's so intuitive and knew how much I really needed a buddy. Since then, we've picked up a kitten to fill the leading-cat role in the house and Cole loves him just as much as the last cat...even if he hates it when Maximus tried to bite his big ole ears!
  Anyway, thank you so much for letting us adopt, love and enjoy one of your babies! Cole Atticus Tuck (his full name) is truly a great pup.
Sincerely, Ashe T, Katie H, Cole, Lola and Maximus.
p.s.-We recent discovered that Cole CAN swim! We thought he couldn't for a while but it turns out he just needs a little help from a doggie lifejacket to stay afloat.
TJ Update ( Retired Boston Adult ) FROM:Denise Kennedy    TO:LINDA REAVES  Monday, October 29, 2012 9:00 AM
Hi Linda, TJ, now known as Fenway, is doing fabulous.  The first two days he was nervous and unsure of his surroundings but he has truly come out of his shell. 
His sweet and playful personality has made him a hit in the neighborhood, everyone who meets him just falls in love:)  He is truly a fabulous dog and we could not be happier.  Fenway loves to run really fast in the backyard and gets really excited when we go for a walk. 
Once again, thank you for allowing us to open our home and family to Fenway. Denise Kennedy
From: "Galloway, Nancy"  "Boston Terrier "To: LINDA REAVES <> Sent: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 1:28 PM Subject: Mozie
Linda, Hope all is going well with you.Just want to say thank you for letting our family adopt "Skyler" in September of 2010.  He is the best dog we have ever had in our family. He is so loving and compassionate with all of us and is truly the happiest when we are all with him at home.  Mozie knows when my mother takes him out that he needs to go slow and be patience.  He only lets my brother-in-law (who did not want me to get him for Wesley but now thinks he is the greatest thing!) take him out during the night if he needs to go.  If Wesley is around, Mozie thinks he has to stay right up under him and loves to go for a ride with him now that Wesley has his driver's license.  I could go on and on about how wonderful our Mozie is but I just want you to know what a blessing he is to our family.   We just love to love on him, squeeze & kiss him and he gives so much love back.   When we picked him up I told you he would have a good home and he has a wonderful home.  He has been the best therapy for all of us since we lost my nephew Karl.  I have attached a picture of him so you can see how beautiful he has become. Thanks again for allowing us to adopt him!!!
We would adopt from you again - great experience and super great puppy!!!! Nancy
From: M. E. McNabb --- Bostons To: "" <>  Sent: Monday, July 8, 2013 7:59 PM
Subject: Hello from McNabb's from Ga, Al, now Ga again!
Hello Ms. Linda & Mr. Tommy: You might not remember us but we got Jake (Sambo from Saydee & Levi's litter 8-2008) and Jessy (Sammy from Sayrah & Kodee's litter 4-2009) from you, moved from Ga to Al and now back to Ga.  Hope you and your family are well.  I see you now have a grand daughter!  She is just beautiful and I remember when Jett was born!!! He is alittle cutie!  Chase is a handsome boy!!! Yes, we still look at your website regularly! Looks like you have lots of puppies coming in the next few months!Well, just wanted to peek in and say hello and send you a picture of our babies!  Jessy is on the left, Jake is in the middle, and on the right is Jack!  He is a rescue (not planned lol) and he is the reason we have not gotten a 3rd puppy from you (yet, lol)! Can you believe he was found abandoned behind a church weighing about 17 pounds! We quickly got him up to about 25 pounds! He has been with us 1 1/2 years and is just a sweet, sweet boy, full of energy! They said he was 2 years old when we got him from the shelter but after a few hours at home, we knew he was not 2, he had too much puppy in him to be 2 years old.  He is a joy just like Jake and Jessy!  Jessy is the most precious,  sweet,  little fireball who thinks she is boss (all 12 pounds of her) and Jake is our big boy at 27 pounds, who has a personality all his own!  He is independent, aloof at times, and wants nothing to do with Jack.  Jake did the dominance thing at first, but somewhere along the way, something changed, and it's almost like he is scared of him.Jack would love to be buddies with him and tries to, but Jake won't have it.  Jack and Jessy are inseparable, they have gotten along from day 1.
But we give Jake lots of one on one time alone with us, etc. so it has worked out fine.  Didn't mean to write a book but wanted to say hello and hope you all are doing well and to let you know we just love our babies and are so happy with them!  They are the best! Mary and Michael McNabb
From: Ondrea Edmonson To: "" Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2013 9:01 AM Subject: Mercutio does tricks at seven weeks ----------- Boston
Hello Mrs Linda. We wanted to send you some pics of Mercutio but instead we wanted to send you the little video of our sweet baby learning tricks.
Mercutio is really sweet and lots of fun and super smart. Thought you might like to know how he's doing. We are very happy with him. Thank you for letting us adopt him. He's the best new edition to our little family.With hugs and puppy kisses from MercutioOndrea and Shawn Edmonson
From: autrey aaron ( Retired Boston Adult ) To: Sent: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 5:41 AM Subject: we love Beretta!!!
Hi Linda We all LOVE Beretta - so does Libby!  They give each other kisses all the time.  It is SO cute. Our other dog that passed was on the cranky side, so seeing these 2 getting along so well is awesome.  Still no "action" pics.  Maybe I can get a video this weekend, as it's supposed to be nice weather this weekend and we're planning on taking her for some walks at parks nearby. We have been able to adjust her feeding time to the evening - so far so good.  She is also beginning to adjust to our weekday/work schedule.  Chris is in and out frequently.  Sometime she rides with him andother times not.  Andrew is back from school by 4 and can take her out back for more exercise.  I've attached a picture of her back from some vigorous exercise with Andrew a couple of days ago!  She is SUCH a good dog - smart and very sensitive.
Chris thinks Beretta is the best dog we've had yet!!  Will send more pics later!! Autrey

From : Adam Slutsky   To : Linda Reaves        2/14/2014 at 5:25 PM
Sammi wishes you a Happy Valentine's Day! 
Hi Linda and Tommy I hope you are both doing well .It was eight years ago today that Sammi came into my life and I just wanted to say Thank You again for making that happen.She's doing great! Having an amazing life. My wife, Tracey, and I, and our other Boston, Taylor, love her so much.Sammi is currently 13 lbs. She hovers right in the 12.5 to 13.5 lb range. Perfect health, still playful as ever! She's a dream come true!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day! Sincerely, Adam Slutsky
Note from the Puppy/Slate aka Wilson ( Boston Terrier ) FROM:Jennifer Goldberg   TO:Linda Reaves Tuesday, December 4, 2012 12:10 PM
So far things are going well here.  Although I am peeing and pooping everywhere. The crazy lady that adopted me put me in this NY Giants jersey for Monday Night Football last night, so I showed her...I peed all over it!  I am eating here and there.  I am sleeping during the day and partying all night.  My name has been changed to "Wilson",but I am still "Slate" at heart as I will not forget my Alabama roots. Send lots of licks to my brothers and sisters and tell them I am ok.
I think I am going to like it here.   Love, Slate aka "Wilson"
Thursday, 7/18/13, 6:38 PM  Hey Linda
Our baby Lizzie is doing well and we have a spoiled little girl. She was a year old in December, 2012 and she's beautiful. She loves to play and sleep with her mommie and daddy. And of course play with her brother Luckie. He and Lizzie are big buds!! Hope you are doing well. Tricia Hill
Little Red Bullmastiff  Mr. Don Pettinger  To Today 10/14/13 at 6:43 PM 
Hi Linda, My name is Don Pettinger and I live in California.  I am sure you don't remember me, but we bought a bullmatstif from you 10 years ago.   I can't find her paperwork to know of the exact date, but she was born ten years ago this month.  You referred to her as Little Red and we have called her Sparty. 
Just wanted you to know Sparty has been an amazing dog.  She has been very loyal and fun loving, everything you could ask for in a family dog.  I have to tell you she has never had one health issue in her entire life to this point.  What a great testament to your breeding program. No hip, back or eye issues just a very sound dog.  Sparty has been slowing down quite a bit over the last year.  Yesterday she wouldn't get up or move around and we took her to the vet.  After some testing they found her to have some type of kidney issue. They started her on fluids and antibiotics to see if that would perk her back up and maybe clean out any infection she might after.  Today after more testing and a night of trying different things we had to lay Sparty to rest.I just want to take a moment and thank you for such an amazing dog. 
She was GREAT!  I am not sure if you track litters or how long they live, but our vet was pretty amazed
that a big dog like this lived as long as she did. In closing, just wanted you to know
Sparty brought a great deal of joy and laughter into our home and will be greatly missed.
Blessings, Don Pettinger and family

From Kim Sorrentino  : To Linda Reaves    Jan 12 2014 at 2:18 PM 
Dear Linda, It's been six years since we received our beautiful Pearl and I just wanted to say that she has been the most wonderful companion and friend I've ever had. She's grown into an amazing little Boston that we all love dearly. There's never a day that goes by without her giving us something to laugh about. Thank you again, and yes, someday we will call in you again. Hopefully, not for a long time. Take care and here's a picture of our sweet girl wishing you and your family Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!
Coutcher, Joseph A III CIV USARMY USAMC (US)   ( Bostons )

To           Sep 2 2014

Hi Linda hope all is well.  Just wanted to shoot you an update on our boys.  Everyone is doing well, Wendy and I couldn't be happier.  Macon and Louie are doing really well in training.  Macon has started "barn hunt" where they go through obstacles to find a mouse....he is leading the class. Louie is the really smart one and does his agility course so well.  Louie and Macon are best friends and sometimes I think Homer just really couldn't be bothered with dog stuff. Macon had surgery on his nose to make it easier to breathe, it has been such an improvement for him.
Homer is more of a daddys boy and likes to be with me and whatever I am doing.  He was chosen in a contest at HOTC to be the poster boy.  We snapped a quick shot of his poster out on 72E between Athens and Mooresville Rd.  I attached the billboard and a couple of other pictures.
Take care. Joe and Wendy Coutcher

From : Ann Morris ( Boston/Molly )   To Linda Reaves    3/1/2014 at 9:05 PM 
I am spoiled rotten already! I went to the vet and everything looked good- although I didn't like the shot! Mom has taken me to work with her for a few hours this week and everyone loved me! I really like riding in the car! Today all of my grandparents and great grandma came to see me for the 1st time and they brought me a play pen and some toys. Proud to say I haven't had any potty accidents and I ring my bell to go outside- I now love being outside and I ring it even if I don't have to potty :) I have also now learned to sit and will do so on command! I am so smart I amaze my mom everyday! Everyone says I'm smart.. It's not just mommy's favoritism :)
My mom will definitely be a return customer when she's ready for another!!
Dottie Knight   ( Boston )
To      Aug 24  2014

Thank You For bringing Rosie into my life.  She is so-o-o-o-o sweet and so good.  The ride home was great--she is a good traveler and didn't show any stress.  She was okay stopping while us old ladies had to have restroom breaks and she would take one too.  She napped in out with road noise waking her up--the slight bump on bridges and overpasses would cause her to wake.  Lots of pictures were taken and I will send you a few.   She finally gave it up and took a nap but was quick to tell us she had to have a potty break once she woke up. 

She and Kacee are becoming friends.  Rosie is so excited to have some one to play with.  Kacee is not used to "in your face" playing but her tail is wagging and is accepting Rosie.  All there of us sat on the floor with me rubbing both bellies.   We all slept well once I calmed down and wasn't listening for her every minute.  When she wanted, she had no trouble letting me know she needed to go out.  She likes her bed and is okay with the kennel.  This is important because there are days when I have to be out of the house for extended periods. 

Rosie has been busy discovering everything.  Even in the car she was watching everything outside and in.  Once we got home, there was the grass and leaves and sticks and plants that tickle her back.  And inside there are so many rooms and different smells.  She is also showing Boston tendencies by hiding under skirted chairs and find her own sleeping spots.   Once I see her go the same spots, I will put cushions/beds there so she will know that is her spot.  She is eating but I think I put a little too much food in the bowl but she ate what she wanted is beginning to know where the bowls are.  All in all, life is good.
So, I really appreciate your working with me to find her.  You have beautiful dogs and Rosie is perfect for me.  I will send you pictures as she grows. 
Thank you again.,Dottie

Burch, Rebecca  

To  Aug 2  2014

Dixie is doing great! She loves to cuddle and play. She and Wesley are becoming friends, and he is quite protective of her when they go outside. It is as IV he knows she is in unfamiliar territory, so he stays with her and directs her back to the house. She sleeps curled up with Wimberly every night, and does not get up until Wimberly does.

We love watching her run! She hops like a bunny! It is so adorable. We are all in live with her.

I have ordered vitamins, and they should arrive soon. I will start the other two on them as well.

Have a fabulous weekend!  The Burches :-)

Holmes, Elizabeth   ( Retired Boston Adult )

To             Aug 7  2014

Hi Linda, Just wanted to share a recent pic of Stella. She is doing great. She is my shadow. She was never convinced that she belonged to my sons and instead decided I was her only owner. The boys are ok with it, and I of course love it. Stella comes with us wherever we go! It took her about 3 months to get her rest room schedule figured out and to warm up to the boys, but by April, she was running the place. She has many toys and chases squirrels and rabbits every day.

She is such a joy to all of us! When we leave her at home she sits in a window seat upstairs until we come home. We love to see her little head appear in the window when she hears the garage door open.

Hope you are doing well.  Elizabeth Holmes
From Ken  
To   9/26/2014 12:09 PM 

When I retired to Alabama in the summer of 2012, I came with a list of “wants and needs” that I felt I had earned during my life in corporate America (some quite selfish I must add) … one of the most selfish “wants” was to adopt a puppy as I had not been able to have one for my entire adult life due to the extensive travel requirements that my career required.

I began my research on breeds and breeders that Fall in hopes to bring my “selfish little want” into my new home when it was ready in the Spring of 2013 … and I discovered the perfect solution … a Boston Terrier and Bama’s Hurricane Creek Kennel/Linda Reaves in Vinemont, Alabama.  Linda was so consistently valuable to me during the process … from the day I first reached out to her and told her of my objective and the fact I had lots to learn about raising a pup.  In fact, she served as a very patient educator and counselor throughout  the process (and kindly did not laugh audibly at my many dumb questions!) … and blessed me by agreeing to put me on the waiting list for a pup from an upcoming litter.  On March 23rd, 2013, two male pups were born to Lucy and Cooter and I was again blessed by Linda when she hosted me on April 18th to “pick out my pup” among the two brothers at her kennel in Vinemont.  I left there so impressed with her facility and the amazing caregiving she provided the pups … and knew Kingsbury was born to great fortune in Linda’s care.  The pictures and videos I regularly received during Kingsbury’s first few weeks were awesome … and I of course eagerly looked forward to returning to “bring my boy home” which I did on May 25th … a day in which I further realized how very blessed he and I were that his life began and was so wonderfully nurtured at Linda’s kennel.  My hometown Veterinarians and their staff were equally impressed (and continue to be as he enjoys Day Care with them one day each week) on the awesome “welcome to the world” care that Linda provided him to ensure he got off to the best possible start in life. 

Thank you Linda so much for all you did during the entire process … and if Kingsbury has his way in his request for a little brother or sister, you will see me again … there is no other place I would even consider to repeat the process of bringing another little life into my home.

Ken Furman (with contributions from Kingsbury)
PS  By the way … I made one significant mistake in the process … foolishly identifying my desire for a puppy as a “want” … I fully realize now it was a “need” as the little fella has become my absolute best buddy in my adjustment to retirement mode … can’t imagine doing this portion of my life without him enjoying the ride with me  J! (I think he agrees).

From : Lauren Revels  

To me Feb 27,2015 at 11:23

Hi Linda,

My husband and I adopted a male boston named Simon (we call him Elton) from you in 2009; he is from the Say-dee & Levi litter. I always love to go back to your site and see the new puppies being born each year. It reminds me of when we picked up our puppy. He's asleep next to me on the couch at the moment. We're running a space heater, since it's a colder day here in Texas. I thought you may enjoy seeing some recent photos of him. He turns six this April, and he has been a constant joy for us throughout the years. Everyone that meets him loves him as he is the sweetest dog. He loves everyone he meets and all the dogs he meets too!
Thank you again for such a loving and wonderful dog!

Lauren & Ryan Revels
Ashley Stepkoski   Apr 26,2015 at 10:53 AM



This little baby girl has settled in absolutely beautifully.  She didn’t miss a beat yesterday on our drive home.  I thought for sure she’d snooze but she was bright eyed for the journey home.  She was very calm and sweet all day yesterday and was a PRO at making it outside to go potty every time.  She did not have one accident inside : ) 

We put her in the kennel last night in our room and she slept so sweetly; however, Stephen was a nervous mess!!  So funny!!  We’ve had 3 human babies but this little tiny fur baby is stirring up her daddy's nerves : )  Around 1:00 a.m., he took her outside and then wrapped her in her little blanket and placed her back in her bed in her kennel.  She slept until 6:00 and I think she would have slept longer but Ava was ready to wake her up and play and PLAY she did!  She was hopping all around this morning like a little bunny and attacking every toy in sight.  She ate a great breakfast and is drinking well.  She had her first BM this morning and just had another one outside! 

She is full of kisses for all and we love every one!!

Thank you again for everything!  We’ll keep you posted on how she’s doing and will send photos soon!

Love, ashley

Ken Wallis To
10/9/2015 at 2:11 PM 

Dear Grandmother Reaves, sorry for the delay in writing but I have been really busy trying to train my new Mom, Bonnie B. You didn't tell me how hard this was going to be. I've also been busy in trying to make my big sister, T-Bone, love me and play with me. She seems to be coming around. I really think she is beginning to love me. She licked me in the face and on my ear just yesterday. I'm really growing fast. I went from 4.8 lbs to 7.2 lbs between Dr visits. I weigh more than that now, as you will notice in my photos (if my dad can send them). He says that I have the natural pose of a true champion, like my real birth dad. I eat my vitamins every day for breakfast, mixed with a little wet dog food. It is great. If I am good enough, I get a few treats at bedtime. I must be pretty good cause I've never missed treats for even one night. My last regular Dr visit is next week. I'll try to report back after that. My mom and dad say I must be really healthy, the way I wildly run around, inside and outside. I'm very happy here. I still get to go to the lake home and farm home on rotating weekends. That makes things a lot less boring for me. I outgrew my purple collar you gave me but I got a new red one which shows my Crimson Tide loyalties. Tell my birth mom and dad that I'm doing really well and enjoying every day of my life with my new family. Love to all, Doodle Bug, Wallis.

Tim & Stacey Nierste
LINDA REAVES Dec 3 at 7:24 PM 
Hi Linda!

Sorry we haven't been in touch, but we thought we would send you an update on how Bailey is doing.  Quite simply, she is doing great!  My daughter enjoys her much and Bailey usually lays in bed with her while she is doing her homework and they both seem to enjoy that a lot.  Bailey is house broken and is very easily trained.  She has been spayed and her little hernia was fixed all with no problems!  She didn't even have to wear the cone of shame as she never bothered her incision.  Lol.

She graduated from "puppy kindergarten" and is half way through what they call the "novice" class and is an excellent student!  She is very well behaved and loves everyone she meets!  I would say that is her one remaining problem... She gets too excited when she meets new people.  We are still working on that one!  She weighs 15.5 pounds now and hasn't grown too much in the last couple of months, so it seems like she is close to her full size.  Here are a few pics of her.  Thank you for allowing us to adopt one of your sweet Boston Terriers.
Tim, Stacey, Paige, and Bailey Nierste
Apr 22, 2016 at 11:47 AM

Name: Joye
Email address:
Subject: Cash
Message: Hi Linda, Hope you are doing well. Just want to drop you a line to let you know how Cash's vet appointment went and how he is doing. First, Dr Sims our vet, said that he was a beautiful pup. He just kept going on about how we got a great baby. So thank you for doing an awesome job. Cash weighs 3.9 lbs, got his second puppy shot .He loves snuffing through the grass in the yard and eats bugs when I am not fast enough to stop him. He is a pure delight and this puppy stage has been really smooth. He uses the piddle pads and if your quick enough you can get him outside, he lets you know he needs out. He sleeps through the night for the most part, starts waking up around six but will let me sleep till about 8 if I let him cuddle up on my neck. He has not found his voice yet but makes little mewing sounds right now. He will stay in his playpen on his on without a fuss if needed. He does have a bit of a temper. If you scold him or he doesn't get his way , he thrashes about and pins his ears down as flat as he can onto his head. It is kinda of cute, but even so he still does not get his way. When he poops, he scratches off like a big dog, it is hilarious. He still wakes up for the Andy Griffith theme song. He is fearless and will chase my big Doberman. Gunny still runs from him like he is afraid, but does not growl at him anymore. Cash is an awesome little guy. You have done an amazing job with him and all of your babies. The different things that you did to help him adjust have been wonderful. I don't think that bringing home a new puppy has ever been this easy. Thank you so much. Joye

May 01, 2016 at 11:27 AM
Name: Keith
Email address:
Subject: Cash
Message: Hi Linda, updating you on CASH, when you adopt a new baby into your family you never know just what to expect, Usually......however as we have very Happily found out, this is Not The case with one of YOUR Babies. Cash is an Amazing pup, he has slept all night from the first night we brought him home, he has acclimated himself so much smoother than ANY new baby we have ever adopted, we are happily shocked! Cash's appetite, zest for play and ability to quickly fit into our pack has really amazed us. As all Boston's do, he plays BIGGER than he is! We put his piddle pad near the back door and his play pen and he QUICKLY learned to go to the door to let us know he needs out to potty. Joye and I 100% believe Cash's quick learning curve and his smooth transition into our home is due to what you do and how you do it! We checked into many,many Boston kennels and the glaring stand out to them all Your's!! We encourage potential new parents to view your facility online but more importantly come visit you in person. The photo's are great, but WOW, seeing is believing, your place is Not like any kennel we have ever seen, because it is MORE LIKE A HOME! The Home Like Environment you provide for your babies is amazing, Clearly this,coupled with the LOVE YOU give the babies makes all the difference in the world. Cash still Perks Up every time Andy Griffith comes on TV the theme song whistle has his undivided attention and we think, makes him think of You and his birth Home. Having a TV on in the babies home there helps further acclimate to REAL HOME LIFE. So many things helped us to know we had found the Boston Home we wanted our new Baby to come from, the way you handle keeping new parents in the loop is great, email updates, photos, videos and being available by phone or in person. A lifetime of Loving what you do and really caring for your babies as well as their Mom's and Dad's well being Really Shows through. Cash was one Lucky Boy to have been born into Your Family and have the opportunity to be so loved and so greatly cared for as all your pups are! Joye and I are so Thankful for all your have done and continue to do for your pup families because THAT truly makes way for a Huge Blessing for the lucky human families who adopt one of your Boston's! Thank you Linda, we will keep you updated on Cash as he grows and thrives into the Great Family Member we know he is going to be. 

Kimm Murfitt

Today at 7:51 PM  ( 6/4/16 )

Hi Linda!  We thought you might like to see how Charley has grown over the past year.  He is a beautiful boy, and he is so loved.  He enjoys camping with us, and he has gone only several camping trips over the year.  We have taken him on other trips as well.  Traveling is definitely not a problem with him.  He really loves to go for walks and play fetch.  We live about a half mile from a dog park, and he gets so excited to go play with the other dogs . His easy going and lovable nature is a hit with both the dogs and people there.  We aren't sure who he enjoys more lol.  He can sit, lay, roll over, and give high fives.  He is the best friend to our eight year old, Gavin.  Yesterday we celebrated his one year birthday, and we wanted you to see how much he has grown.  We hope you are well, and that Gunner and Meca are well too.  Take care! 

Kimm, Rob, Gavin, and Charley ��