Judy T - Keith T & Gunner
Gunner is proud of his new Toy That
Judy  Gave  him :-)
* Now 5 yrs later and Gunner still has this toy Judy gave him. Its looks Ruff but Gunner dont care lol

There comes a point in your life when you realize:
Who matters .......
Who never did........
Who won't anymore.....
And who always will.....
So, don't worry about people from your past,
There's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.

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Jr Show Handler Peyton's 12 th Birthday 11-9-12
Celebrated at Tommy & Linda's House with Cake and  Dinner
We Love You Girl  !! 
Happy Birthday

Jr Show Handler Peyton's 13th Birthday 11-9-13
Peyton  was a big part of Manee's Show Career
Celebrated at Tommy & Linda's House with
Cake and  Dinner
We Love You Girl  !!  Happy  13 th Birthday
Wanda & Manee
Linda R -Tina S -Tommy R & Gunner
Tina S - Linda R & Gunner
New Champion !!
Wanda W - Linda R
Linda R - Sherri B & Boston Babies
Judy T - Tommy R
Peyton & Manee
Showing off Peytons New Boston Terrier
PJ's   11-9-13
Judy T - Keith T & Gunner
Gunner is proud of  yet another  new Toy
That  Judy  Gave  him :-)
You Messed up Judy , Now he expects one
every time we meet up  lol
Our Good Friends
Nancy & Jonathon
They have adopted 2 of our babies ( sisters )
Then later adopted their mother when she retired
Peggy F - Linda R - Wanda W
Enjoyed the time spent with friends Wanda & Peggy from MS
that came for the Decatur AL Dog show.
Although Not pictured we also spent time and had tons of fun
with Nikki Q and her friend Hayden from GA
Loved seeing some of my past babies showing in the ring !!
It was a fun filled 4 days.
11-6-14 through 11/9/14
Tommy & Linda Reaves
We Renewed  our Wedding Vows and Love for each other on our 25 th Silver Anniversary

I made a Video / Slide Show  with  some of the pictures  that were taken and added Our Favorite song
* Carried Away by George Strait
Linda R &  Judy T
At the Cracker Barrel  In Hattiesburg MS
Sporting Our new Boston Terrier Shirts
that Judy bought for the both of  us :-)
Judy T - Linda R & Gunner
Tommy & Linda Reaves ( Center )
Left to Right  Our Children
Ricky-Sherry     &    Tracy-Jeremy

Chase at 11 yrs old
Tommy with His
Daughter - Sherry & Son - Ricky
Linda's Son - Jeremy
with Wife  * Taylor and Daughter Logan
Linda's Daughter  - Tracy
with Husband *Jared  and Children Jett & Vivienne
Sherri B & Linda R with  Boston Babies
Our Dear Friend
" Judy Thomas "  from MS
Had the Afghan below made for  us.
From a Picture taken on our Anniversary
Thank You  !! We Love it 
~ RIP ~
Tommy Reaves
8/22/49  - 3/29/16
There are No words to describe how I feel,
Just know I love you with All
my Heart and Life without you by my
side will Never be the same.
I Love You Honey
~ RIP ~
Ricky Reaves
1/6/69  - 4/26/16
You left us way too soon.
Your heart was broken over the recent
loss of your Daddy. 
I know you have now found 
Peace once Again
I Love You
Oct 2017
Riley Kay
Nikki  Q took  the time during her visit
to hop on board the
" Boat "
This Would of Been
Mine and Tommy's
27 th Anniversary.

Logan-Jett-Vivienne-Riley K
May 2017
Jett & Vivienne
Aug 2017

My Grand Children

Tommy's Daughter - Sherry
with Husband *Andy  and  Son Chase
This Would of Been
Mine and Tommy's
28 th Anniversary.

Tommy Always got me flowers on our
Anniversary, year in and year out it never failed.

Now my Son Jeremy has taken over for his Dad
and has Flowers sent to me on Our Anniversary
There are NO words to describe the feeling
I get when these arrive.
Thank you Son from the Bottom of my heart for the flowers.
Yes they make me cry, but  I LOVE !! Them
And I know Dad is Looking down and smiling and saying
Thank You Son !!

Linda R - Sherri B &  Boston Babies

Friends -N -More

Decatur AL 4 Day Dog Show
Spent Quality  time with Our
Circle Of Friends

Christie A... Not only is she a GREAT employee but  shes like a Daughter to me. 
Decatur AL 4 Day Dog Show
A Circle of Friends
Left to Right
Nikki Q
Misty J
Wanda W
Linda R
Peggy F

Peggy F & Linda R

Wanda W & Linda R

Thank You Wanda !! XOXO
Thank You Misty & John !! XOXO
Nikki Q & Linda R

Misty J & Linda R

1 /2018
Mary & Aunt Dottie
( Left ) Mary is My Cousin that Lives in AR
( Right ) My Aunt Dottie also lives in AR. She is allot more to me than just an Aunt. She is my Second mom/ Her sister my real mother died when I was 8 yrs old.
Dottie was there for me when I needed someone the most back several !! years ago
when we both still lived in Texas and I was a teenager.
I will Always !! be grateful for all she did for me , she shaped me into the person I am today
( my role model :-)
I Love You Sooooo Much !!
4/19/43 --- 11/29/2018

Linda & Grand Children
Vivienne - Logan - Riley K - Jett
& Gunner
Jeremy & Taylor
Jared & Tracy
My 1st Concert Staring Jamey Johnson put on by Fredricks Outdoors 4-28-18
Grand Daughters
Logan - Riley Kay
Riley Kay