Judy T - Keith T & Gunner
Gunner is proud of his new Toy That
Judy  Gave  him :-)

There comes a point in your life when you realize:
Who matters .......
Who never did........
Who won't anymore.....
And who always will.....
So, don't worry about people from your past,
There's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.

This page was last updated: November 21, 2017
Jr Show Handler Peyton's 12 th Birthday 11-9-12
Celebrated at Tommy & Linda's House with Cake and  Dinner
We Love You Girl  !! 
Happy Birthday

Jr Show Handler Peyton's 13th Birthday 11-9-13
Peyton  was a big part of Manee's Show Career
Celebrated at Tommy & Linda's House with
Cake and  Dinner
We Love You Girl  !!  Happy  13 th Birthday
Wanda & Manee
My Buddy Judy Thomas From MS
Showing off her Boston Terrier PJ's
& Slippers along with two of her older
Boston Babies
Linda R -Tina S -Tommy R & Gunner
Tina S - Linda R & Gunner
Wanda W - Linda R

Linda R - Sherri B &  Boston Babies
Judy T - Tommy R
Peyton & Manee
Showing off Peytons New Boston Terrier
PJ's   11-9-13
Judy T - Keith T & Gunner
Gunner is proud of  yet another  new Toy
That  Judy  Gave  him :-)
You Messed up Judy , Now he expects one
every time we meet up  lol
Daughter -Tracy & Husband Jared 
and  Children - Vivienne & Jett
Our Good Friends
Nancy & Jonathon
They have adopted 2 of our babies ( sisters )
Then later adopted their mother when she retired
Peggy F - Linda R - Wanda W
Enjoyed the time spent with friends Wanda & Peggy from MS
that came for the Decatur AL Dog show.
Although Not pictured we also spent time and had tons of fun
with Nikki Q and her friend Hayden from GA
Loved seeing some of my past babies showing in the ring !!
It was a fun filled 4 days.
11-6-14 through 11/9/14
Tommy & Linda Reaves
We Recently celebrated our 25 th 
Silver Anniversary
  We Renewed  our Wedding Vows and Love for each other .
Video / Slide Show Below / with Music
Linda R &  Judy T
At the Cracker Barrel  In Hattiesburg MS
Sporting Our new Boston Terrier Shirts
that Judy bought for the both of  us :-)
Judy T - Linda R & Gunner
Tommy & Linda Reaves
With Children Ricky-Sherry-Tracy-Jeremy

Daughter - Sherry & Husband  Andy
and  Son - Chase
Chase at 11 yrs old
Tommy with
Daughter - Sherry & Son - Ricky
Son-Jeremy with
Daughter - Logan
Son - Jeremy & Wife - Taylor
and  Daughter - Logan
Daughter -Tracy & Husband Jared 
and  Children - Jett & Vivienne

Sherri B & Linda R with  Boston Babies
We meet Again :-)  1/14/15
Our Dear Friend
" Judy Thomas "  from Mississippi
Had the Afghan below made for us.
Its Beautiful - Thank You Judy !!
~ RIP ~
Tommy Reaves
8/22/49  - 3/29/16
There are No words to describe how I feel,
Just know I love you with All
my Heart and Life without you by my
side will Never be the same.
I Love You Honey
~ RIP ~
Ricky Reaves
1/6/69  - 4/26/16
You left us way too soon.
Your heart was broken over the recent
loss of your Daddy. 
I know you have now found 
Peace once Again
I Love You
July 2017
Riley Kay
Nikki Q
Nikki took  time during her visit to hop on board the
" Boat "
Would of Been
Mine and Tommy's 27 th
Thank you SON
for the Dozen Roses
You made my day Brighter !
4 Of My Grand Children
May 2017
Jett & Vivienne
Aug 2017