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Thank you to all the families that have opened your home and hearts to one of our Babies or Retired Adults
Due to website space Only the most recently adopted babies will be posted  

Linda Reaves
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This page was last updated: February 20, 2024

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Why The spot on top the head of Some Boston's is called the Haggerty Spot?

It’s called the Haggerty Spot because it’s coming from one of the first Boston Terrier lines owned by the 
Haggerty’s family back in the 1900s. Many of their Bostons were born with the spot on top of their heads. This marking ended up being associated with their Boston Terrier line. Nowadays, most Boston Terrier dogs 
who have this marking can be traced to the Haggerty’s Boston Terrier line.
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Casey & BJ
Male Nicknamed Calvin
aka Brinkley Reaves
Adopted by the Hall Family
From  AL
Casey & BJ

*Repeat Customer
~ Sold ~
~ Sold Off The Deposit Waiting List ~
Female Nicknamed Callie
aka Daisy Duck
Adopted by the Rice Family
From  AL
Parents  Casey & BJ

*Repeat Customer​
~ Sold Off The Deposit Waiting List ~
Female Nicknamed Cleo
aka Nova
Adopted by the Rada Family
From  TN
Parents  Casey & BJ

*Repeat Customer​
Male Nicknamed Clyde
aka  ? 
Adopted By The Fitzgerald Family 
From  LA
Parents  Casey & BJ
~ Sold ~
Male Nicknamed Cletus
aka  Bo
Adopted By Mike & Ryan
From CO
Parents  Casey & BJ

*Repeat Customer
~SOLD  ~