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Recently Adopted & Some Past Babies
can be seen on the
Adopted Page
Now Contacting Those on The Waiting List
Puppies are Only Available to those on the Waiting list at this time
Male Nicknamed Milo  * Adopted
Female Nicknamed Roxy  * Adopted
Male Nicknamed Robby * Adopted
Female Nicknamed Allie  * Adopted
Male Nicknamed Axel
Male Nicknamed Alvin
Male Nicknamed Alfi
Female Nicknamed Anny
Female Nicknamed Betzie
Female Nicknamed Breta
Male Nicknamed Ralph
Male Nicknamed Ritchy

Linda Reaves
Please Read !!
All Puppies are Sold with AKC Limited Pet Registration.

When you decide to adopt one of my babies ,I will need your name (s), address , phone number (s) & email address (s)
If you can not provide this information when wanting to adopt one of my babies then please look elsewhere for a puppy.
*** If I discover I have taken a Deposit for an Unethical Facility your Deposit Will be Refunded !!! ***
All my information is available on the Home Page I expect the same courtesy from a customer
In order for me to place a puppy on hold a deposit of 200.00 is required to hold the puppy of your choice
It also helps to have a little information about you and your family. 
Please remember these are babies and even at the best I can do there are times a baby does not make it or the vet finds a Health Issue at time of check up.No one hates this worse than I do,its extremely hard,and its even harder contacting new owners when something happens,so Please keep this in Mind when adopting a new baby.In the event that something happens to the puppy you have placed a deposit on you will be given the choice of another puppy if one is available or a full refund of your Deposit.
Thank You For your Understanding !  Linda Reaves


***ALL Puppies are on NuVet Plus Wafers Before Leaving***
If adopting one of my babies please place your order for NuVet Plus Wafers at least 1 week
prior to picking your baby up .See Home Page or order with this link

**** I Microchip all  Puppies before leaving at My Expense for the cost of the Microchip.
It is Required and up to New Owners to Register the Microchip In your name & information. Once you pick
your puppy up you are given a pamphlet at the time with the Microchip information Please fill this in and mail it
asap or use the link below to register this information. Very !! Important
NOTE : I also ask that you follow the instructions on your AKC Puppy Application given at the time you pick
your puppy up and register him/her with AKC.You will in return receive a Cerificate of AKC Registration in
your name and the name you chose for your puppy

***** Puppies are expected to be picked up by 8 wks of age *****
If I have to keep your puppy longer,extra fees for Room & Board of $10.00 a day will be charged &
If Needing additional vaccines due to their age you will be charged accordingly
~ NO Shipping Unless its with a Pet Service or a Puppy Nanny ~

~~ Some Other Options ~~

** For a small fee **
I Can possibly meet At times If Needed within Reason
I am also willing to meet at Huntsville AL airport with your puppy if flying in to pick up.


** Waggy Wheels Pet Transportation **
Located in Sevierville TN * Sue has Pick up and Delivery Options
You will be able to see your new baby face to face before the final transaction is made.
Contact Sue Campbell at 423 508 2828 for info to see what your options are for getting your baby delivered.

Why The spot on top the head of Some Boston's is called the Haggerty Spot?
It’s called the Haggerty Spot because it’s coming from one of the first Boston Terrier lines owned by the
Haggerty’s family back in the 1900s. Many of their Bostons were born with the spot on top of their heads.
This marking ended up being associated with their Boston Terrier line. Nowadays, most Boston Terrier
dogs who have this marking can be traced to the Haggerty’s Boston Terrier line.
** PayPal **

PLEASE DO NOT !! Send any money thru PAY-PAL
Until I have given you the OK for the purchase of one of my babies
State Sales Tax will be added to the Total Purchase price of All Babies picked up in Alabama

The PayPal Link Below is for the Deposit Only
Look Further Down to find the link needed if paying more than the standard deposit.

Accepting Credit Cards
thru Pay Pal Only
You Do Not need
a Pay Pal account
to use this feature
Deposit / Payments
Deposit / Boston Terrier
( 200.00 is the Deposit )
( 6.00 is the Pay Pal Fee )
You Must !! Add the
3 % to ANY
amount sent to
cover the Pay Pal fees
Deposits are
Non Refundable
unless a
Major Health Issue
is found at time of vet check.

State Sales Tax
will be added to the Balance
for the TOTAL
Purchase Price on
All Puppies
Picked up in AL

email me
email me

This page was last updated: February 22, 2018

Keeps Puppies Safe and Clean!
Whether transporting puppies, safeguarding them at shows, or even protecting your furniture
from their sharp little teeth, puppy pens solve many needs.

•Hygienic Floors - Won't Pinch Paws
•Folds Flat for Easy Transportation and Storage
•Adjustable Elevated Floors Keep Away from Dirt & Mess
•Top and Side Doors for Easy Access
•Pans Slide Out for Easy Cleaning
•Coating: Chrome and Black
Click On Links Below to Find A Puppy Playpen
If you cant find the Size you want call the Company, in allot of cases they have them in stock even if not advertised.

Puppy Playpens
Designed for raising puppies and ideal for families that have to work and need to leave your puppy in a safe yet comfortable place
while gone for several hrs
Playpens come in a variety of sizes
The ideal size for one puppy is the 36 x 24 with 1 inch flooring
It has a top that opens which makes it easy to get to your puppy
and clean the crate.
They also come with a gate which works great when converting the crate
over to a standard crate once Puppies are Crate Trained
You can use Puppy Pads or News Paper in the pan
on the bottom for easy cleanup.
Place Bedding in one end of the crate allowing room on the other end for playing and relieving their self if needed. A Likit water bottle is also idel for fresh water in place of a bowl allowing for more room and to keep
puppies from playing in their water.

All of our puppies are raised in these Playpens once they are weaned
so they are familiar  and comfortable with them when they leave.

We suggest that you still apply housebreaking methods when ever possible
but in the mean time these pens will make your life easier
when taking a new puppy home.
Boston Terrier  Puppies

** Now Taking Deposits / Puppies Due Through Feb 2018 **
See Below for a List of the Parents For The Upcoming Litters
All Puppies come with AKC Limited Pet Registration
Sorry .... I Do Not Price Puppies till born and evaluated
Prices  Depend on Bloodlines / Markings etc... Gender has no bearing on the price
Prices Range from 900.00 -1800.00 + tax AKC Limited

I offer 2 types of Waiting List for Up Coming Litters (1) Deposit List & (2) No Obligation List

(1) Deposit List : A 200.00 deposit is placed in advance, The deposit is applied toward the
purchase of a puppy. Picks go by the date the deposit was received.You have the option of picking a puppy from
what is available at the time or passing till the next litter or the next etc...etc...
Deposits are NON Refundable In The event you change your mind or Find a puppy elsewhere
Those with a Deposit in place will get a puppy BUT NO Guarantees of when a puppy will be available.
It all depends on Successful pregnancies & The number of puppies per litter.
(2) No Obligation List : You will be contacted with whats available after everyone on the Deposit list has
been contacted.Keep in mind those with a Deposit in place will get to pick first.
Everyone on Both List will be contacted with whats available before any puppies are posted For Sale

I Am Currently Holding Deposits for ....
** Dates Below Are When I Received The Deposit/Picks are in the Order the Deposit was Received **

# 1 ~ 3/29/16 ~ ( Female )  O'Hara Family From GA * Repeat Customer *Will Let me know when Ready
# 2 & 3 ~ 6/11/17 ~ ( 2 Males ) Bigwood Family From GA * Waiting till Mid-Late Summer
# 4 ~ 6/22/17  ~ ( Gender Open ) Boyce Family From CA  * Repeat Customer  * Waiting till Mid-Late Summer
# 5 ~ 6/29/17  ( #1 ) ~ ( Female ) Reese Family From TN  * Customer  Referral    * Waiting till Mid-Late Summer
# 6 ~ 6/29/17 ( #2 ) ~ ( Male ) Dr H Singh Family From AL * Waiting till Mid-Late Summer
# 7 ~ 8/21/17  ~ ( Female ) Garza Family From TX * Waiting till Mid-Late Summer
# 8 ~ 10/9/17  ~ ( Female ) Meganck Family From FL  * Adopting Allie From Angee's Litter
# 9 ~ 10/16/17  ~ ( Gender-Open ) Pepitone Family From FL  * Repeat Customer   * Waiting till Mid-Late Summer
# 10 ~ 10/17/17  ~ ( Gender - Open  ) Haren Family From TN  * Repeat Customer   * Waiting till Mid-Late Summer
# 11 ~ 11/11/17  ~ ( Gender Open  ) Carswell Family From AL  * Adopting Roxy From Reba's Litter
# 12 ~ 11/15/17  ~ ( Male ) Baidal Family From AL * Customer Referral  * Adopting Milo From Mya's Litter
# 13 ~ 11/20/17  ~ ( Male ) Kernan Family From AL * Adopting Robby From Reba's Litter

# 14 & 15 ~ 11/21/17  ~ ( 2 Females ) Manhart Family From AL *Emailed 2/21/18 
# 16 ~ 11/23/17  ~ ( Gender Open ) Maura Family From the Bahamas * Waiting to see whats available in the Avon Litter
It will likely be the first part of next week before I  send out any more emails on available puppies 2/22/18
# 17 ~ 11/24/17  ~ ( Gender Open ) Smith Family From AL
# 18 ~ 11/30/17  ~ ( Male Puppy / & Retired Adult ) Wardeberg Family From TN * Customer Referral
# 19 ~ 12/9/17  ~ ( Male ) Marquart Family From AL * Repeat Customer
# 20 ~ 12/13/17  ~ ( Female ) Schmitt Family From AL
# 21 ~ 12/16/17  ~ ( Gender Open ) Griffith Family From AL * Repeat Customer
# 22 ~ 12/18/17  ~ ( Female ) Dunaway Family From MS * Repeat Customer
# 23 ~ 12/22/17  ~ ( Male ) Spears Family From AL
# 24 ~ 12/24/17  ~ ( Gender Open ) Thompson Family From AL
# 25 ~ 12/27/17 ( # 1 )  ~ ( Female ) Ray Family From WV * Referral from BBTR
# 26 ~ 12/27/17 ( # 2 )  ~ ( Female ) Huinker Family From AL
# 27 ~ 1/6/18  ~ ( Gender Open ) Bailey Family From AL
# 28 & 29 ~ 1/13/18  ~ ( 2 Females ) Tulleken Family From GA
# 30 ~ 2/1/18  ~ ( Gender Open ) Miller Family From AL
# 31 ~ 2/7/18  ~ ( Gender Open ) Jackson Family From AL
# 32 ~ 2/9/18  ~ ( Male ) Stallworth Family From AL
# 33 ~ 2/13/18  ~ ( Male ) Seabaugh Family From AL
# 34 ~ 2/15/18  ~ ( Female ) Laura & Adam From AL
# 35 ~ 2/19/18  ~ ( Female ) Marks Family From MI

(( Pictures of Recently Adopted puppies can be seen  Below or on the Adopted Page ))
Upcoming Litters
( GCH- Grand Champion / CH - Champion )

New Litters Expected through April 2018 ** Call or Email to get on the Waiting list

I am now contacting those on the Above  Waiting List with pictures and information
when puppies are 2-3 wks old 
Puppies Are Then Ready to Leave at 7-8 wks of age

GCH Grand Sired Angee & CH Sired Mickey
DOB Sunday * 2/4/18
CH Grand Sired Bama & GCH Phillip
DOB Saturday *2/10/18
CH Sired Avon & CH River
DOB Monday *2/12/18

NOTE : River and Phillip are Co Owned and their pictures can be seen on the Bama's Starrs page
# 1 GCH Sired Katti & CH Kip Due Mid-Late April ( Pregnancy NOT Confirmed )
# 2 GCH Sired Sunni & CH Sired Mickey  " Breeding Soon " for Early-Mid May Puppies

Breeding Soon ( Sunni / Sammi / Sheba / Mandee & Patti )
email me
email me
PayPal Acceptance Mark

AKC Reunite Pet Microchips
email me
PetsJets is a personalized and civilized way to fly your pet on commercial airlines to domestic or international locations.
We will meet your pet at your home, office or other location and fly with your pet to the destination of your choice.
PetsJets has been featured in: The New York Times, Monterey Herald,Tails Magazine- Los Angeles and The Hollywood Reporter

** I had the pleasure of meeting Craig when he flew in to pick up a puppy for a customer in NJ. He stayed in touch with me and the customer with pictures and text during the trip. Great Experience and both myself and the customer were Very !! pleased with his service. I Highly recommend Pets Jets  ~ Linda Reaves
Also Pat with Posh Pets is another Puppy nanny that you can contact if intrested in her service
for flying in to pick up and deliver Her Number is 760-455-6698
Use this PAY PAL Link IF paying more than the Standard Deposit.
You DO NOT Need a PayPal Account to use this feature
Bama's Hurricane Creek Kennel is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in Vinemont, AL
Bama's Hurricane Creek Kennel is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in Vinemont, AL
Bama's Hurricane Creek Kennel is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in Vinemont, AL
Male Nicknamed Milo
aka Lexington
Adopted by The Baidal Family
From AL

Parents ~CH Grand-Sired Mya  & CH Sired George

Sold Off The Waiting List
Female Nicknamed Roxy
aka ?
Adopted by The Carswell Family
From AL

Parents ~CH Sired Reba  & GCH Phillip

Sold Off The Waiting List

( Going in the order the Deposit was received )
with what is available from
Angee Litter DOB 2/4/18 &
Bama Litter DOB 2/10/18
Female Nicknamed Allie
aka ?
Adopted by The Meganck/Cooley Family
From FL

Parents ~CH GrandSired Angee  & CH Sired Mickey

Sold Off The Waiting List
Male Nicknamed Robby
aka Maximus
Adopted by The Kernan Family
From AL

Parents ~CH Sired Reba  & GCH Phillip

Sold Off The Waiting List